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Samantha Who

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Sometimes to get the end of the story, the only place to start is at the beginning. The new comedy, “Samantha Who”, is shown on Monday nights at 9:30/8:30c on ABC. It is set in a big city with a young adult, Samantha (Christina Applegate), who has just woken up from an eight day coma after having a tragic car accident. She is diagnosed with retrograde amnesia. Standing next to her bedside are her parents Howard (Kevin Dunn) and Regina (Jean Smart), along with her supposed best friend Dena (Melissa McCarthy). Turns out that she hasn’t spoken to her parents for two years and she hasn’t seen Dena since 7th grade. She meets her real best friend Andrea (Jennifer Esposito), boyfriend Todd (Barry Watson), and doorman Frank (Tim Russ) later on. “Samantha Who” is a great sitcom, so, if you’re looking for a show that has realistic situations, experienced actors, and hilarious conflicts between the characters, then “Samantha Who” is the right show for you.

As I mentioned above, this show has realistic situations such as Samantha having amnesia or simply just forgetting a name. This simple plot keeps ones interest by presenting small problems that Samantha has to deal with. These problems make you want to keep coming back for more so that you can see how she tries to turn her curse into a blessing. Her main problem is that she has to act like she knows exactly what is going on when in reality, she is clueless. The only things that she knows how to do is how to function properly in the real world; for example: good manners, proper English, and common sense. With Samantha not being able to remember any personal memories, it gives her the perfect chance to change what she calls the “old Sam” into a “new Sam”. This “new Sam” is an example of how everyone needs a second chance. During the show, some situations that present themselves trigger a small part of Sam’s old memory to help her realize what the “old Sam” was like. This helps Samantha know how she needs to improve her lifestyle to become a better person.

All of the main characters are experienced, making the show that much more believable. Applegate does such a fantastic job at playing the role of a retrograde amnesia patient that you forget that she is just acting. Samantha is such a fun character to watch because she makes so many funny mistakes but always comes up with a creative way to solve her problems. The writers add in many funny scenes that will leave you in side stitches. In one scene Samantha is walking down the street and all of the sudden a man, hands full of groceries, starts running away from her telling her to get away from him. It turns out that that he was her ex-boyfriend, Nathan who she used to stalk until he got a restraining order against her. This is just a glimpse of all the hysterical problems that Samantha runs into.

One conflict that is presented in this sitcom is the real world vs. Samantha. This really helps bring Samantha’s character out. Samantha is faced with her daily struggles of trying to get back into the regular routine of things, while the world is spinning past her. To help her along this journey Samantha keeps a journal of what she learns everyday. Although this decreases a fraction of her conflicts she still has to face the daily challenges of trying new things, meeting new people, and working on being a better person. But, what makes it the hardest is the pressure that her to competitive friends put on her shoulders to be the type of person that they want her to be. This conflict between Andrea and Dena and how they try to persuade Samantha into being the person that they want to create. Andrea wants Sam to go back to the way she used to be, but Dena wants Sam to get out of her old habits of cheating, being self-centered, and always demanding to get her way. The way in which these conflicts present themselves are one of the ways that it keeps the viewers interest.

“Samantha Who” takes real life situations and turns them into funny conflicts. Each character always comes up with an abstract way to resolve these situations. Watch this show for a laugh-out-loud experienced and a chance to sit back and relax, learning how Samantha faces her fears of the real world.

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