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Two and a Half Men

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Two adults and one elementary school student. Tucked away in various quarrels, and with various quarrels like paying child support comes various settings like kitchens, to movie theaters to back patios and yes a classroom. It runs about 30 minutes on fox 56. “Two and a Half Men” rocks the house because of its classic yet original style; it’s never ending humor, and its real life scenarios.

Its classic because it’s the two older men and one kid but its original because of their new situations take for example, in the “old days” the two men would get stuck and the boy would get them out of trouble, but this time the kid actually learns something, for example, never have to many women sleep with you because they may find out.

And talk about the humor. The new situations make it hilarious, with one adult as a parent who gets pushed around by the other parent, and the insane uncle who is some what of a “pimp.” the child “Jake” is shaped and molded the wrong way because now he thinks its okay to gamble.

Its real life scenarios really let you relate to them and the thing that keeps interest is their always new and the always have shocking conclusions that leave a lasting impression that makes u want more. Like the time Jake almost died

2 1\2 men stand out from the pack because of its style, writing, and situations
To the viewers keep watching because it’s jam-packed full of surprises.
And to the network I advise you to renew it and keep it alive.

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