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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

The show scrubs has been on the air for six or seven years now. It has never seemed to lack anything. The show usually airs on Comedy Central. 7:00-8:00. The key to understanding Scrubs, is that its often so over the top with such broad humor, that if you don’t find yourself laughing within the first few minutes, you’ll probably never get it. The rapid fire of McGinley’s character “Perry Cox”, the childish yet endearing frat-boy friendship of J.D and Turk, Elliott’s naïve tenacity, and the romance between Turk and Carla. All of these factors play a big role in what make the show work so well.
With the somewhat large cast on the show, it’d take forever to give an in depth detail of each character. But, given the chance to just pick two, it would have to be John McGinley’s and Zach Braff’s characters. As Cox, veteran actor McGinley is naturally funny. Often, it is not what he say’s, it’s just how he says it. And sometimes, it can be what he says. As for Zach Braff’s character, I personally think he does a great lead role for the intern doctor.

The writing of the show is what makes it work so well. With each episode, a great amount of humor and emotion all fits in to one. It manages to tie in real life situations, to give everyone something to relate to. But all the emotion is what really stands out to me. At the end of each episode, J.D reflects back on the lessons that were learned. The one episode that shows this the most is when Aloma White’s character Laverne passed away last season, and left everyone dealing with great emotion.

In most sitcoms, “stock” characters are only there to produce laughs. And as an audience, you only have to care enough about them to find their situations funny. Scrubs, is most definitely not a pure sitcom. It also has the blood of a hospital drama running through its veins, and some conventions that run along with the more serious genre. The characters and plotline have developed and progressed as the series unfolded. There is a progression of plot that is rarely seen in comedies. And that fact presses us to care deeply about the characters and the world they inhabit.

And there you have it. Even if you aren’t a usual sitcom fan, you owe yourself to check out this show. Scrubs does everything a usual sitcom does, and well. The real surprise is how many tricks it has up its sleeves. That always seems to pull out at the right moments. To be honest, I used to dislike this show. But now, it has a proud and prominent role as one of my favorite shows.

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