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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

“Red is in a mood”, well let’s let her calm down and get to business. “Reba” is a show about Reba, a divorcee, mother of three, in-law of one, and grandmother that just tries to get through what life throws at her. You can find “Reba” on Lifetime, Monday-Friday. 8:00-8:30.For this half-hour, Huston Texas is the place to be. “Reba” is a phenomenally funny sitcom because the characters are people you can mature with; the plot includes unique life-like situations, and unbelievable chemistry between actors.

One major thing that makes “Reba” worth watching is the characters. “Reba” is a show that’s all about maturing, and boy these are characters you can mature with. Though they mature, most of the time they are the same people as the show started out. Reba is always going to be a carrot top with the snappy one liner comebacks, Brock is the ever-so self-indulgent ex-husband. B.J. the new overbearingly annoying, but her heart is in the right place wife of Brock. Cheyenne the air-head teenage mother, Van her husband, Kyra the sarcastic teenager, Jake the innocent brother, and finally Elizabeth, Cheyenne's daughter. These characters are so believable, you might expect to go down to Houston Texas and really find their house and family.

Then of course there is the amazing plot. “Reba” is excellent with keeping any viewers attention, or interest. Whether it be with the facial expressions, or B.J.'s never failing cluelessness it's sure to grab and hold your eye. Reba and B.J. Will never fail to make you smile with the situations that arise between the two women. Thirty minutes will not be enough for you, but the stitch in your side might make you think otherwise.

Finally, we cannot forget the shows amazing actors. The facial expressions they paint on their face make the entire show. They look angry when they are supposed to, and you actually can get into it and sort of feel it with them. You will absolutely love watching these actors portraying these characters, due to the hilarious situations the brilliant writers put in their way.

“Reba” is well worth the thirty minutes of air-time its given, and more due to the interesting plot, believable actors, and brilliant characters. The show is currently running on re-runs, and has stopped production. They should keep the re-runs on Lifetime. On a separate channel re-open production, and make new episodes of this one-in-a-million phenomenal sitcom.

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