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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Friends is a show that almost everyone can relate to. It is fun and exciting to watch. There are these group of people who hang out and are friends. There is Monica Gellar and her brother Ross, his college buddy Chandler Bing, Monica’s high school friend Rachel Green and Joey Tribiani and Phobe Buffet’. The show comes on TBS at 6:00pm Monday thru Friday. The show has two main settings, Monica’s apartment and the Central Perk (which is the coffee house). In both places they discuss their problems and situations they become wrapped up in. The reason Friends is worth watching is because the characters are always taking a bad situation and making it funny, their acting is original, and the writing is what makes the characters as good as they are.

The reason I feel Friends is worth watching is because it seems has if they can put a positive funny spin on almost any situation that comes their way. For example, how many people do you know in the city that have a chick and a duck for a pet, or how often do you see a neighbors play silly games and bet their apartments or houses for collateral. Granted these characters see each other every day and night, they treat each other as if they were family.

Friends has grown deeper over the years, from the humble beginnings of Rachel being a waitress and falling in love with Ross, to the blossoming love between Monica and Chandler. Throughout the years the group has grown up and accepted the responsibility of adulthood. The problems with relationships can be felt by the audience. Often while watching some of the reruns I can actually feel the pain Rachel felt when she found out Ross had cheated on her when he thought they were “on a break”. When there are episodes that are serious, the writers seem to interweave a string of comedy into the situation so that it helps to lighten the bad mood a little bit.

It appears that the people who write the show always have some sort of thing go wrong that you would think could be fixed easily, but they draw it out so not only does it take longer to fix, but it is funny the way they try to fix it. That is what helps to make the show so funny.

To sit and watch this show, one may wonder what it would be like if someone else played those characters. There is nobody who could replace Monica, who could replace quirky Phoebe, and let us not forget, dumb but yet cute and loveable Joey. For ten years Friends has provided laughter once a week until the ending of the show in 2005, now thanks to TBS and Fox you can watch Friends every night and experience the laughter and the tears all over again. The characters are always taking a bad situation and making it good, their acting is amazing, and the writing is what sets it all off. Truly this is one show that will definitely go down in television history as a classic. I think that this show is fine the way it is because it comes on at a great time and is so delightful to watch.

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