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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Life’s tragedies matched with miracles. A divorced mother with three children and a grandchild on the way never gets any rest. Between her children and ex-husband, she’s just trying to live a normal life in Texas. You can witness this week-nights at 6:00 & 6:30 on Life Time. Reba is worthy of sitcom of the year for its tasteful humor original plots and how much everyone can relate to it.

Reba and her friends have a sense of humor about everything. In my favorite episode, Reba hit her ex-husband Brock with a baby doll. In every episode stuff like that happens. Don’t miss it!

The plot is the most original you’ll ever see. How many shows have a pregnet teenaged girl living in her mom’s house with her teenaged husband, and her father’s new wife is pregnant too? None!

Put yourself into Reba’s world and feel at home. Her life can never stay the same. If it’s not her crazy ex husband's wife, its people who put her down for her teen daughter being pregnant. As Reba says, “I’m a survivor.”

The sitcom Reba should win an award for its tasteful humor original plats and the way people relate to it .Watch Reba and don’t worry about what your missing. The network would be crazy to not keep Reba on for many years.

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