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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Are you someone who has figured your whole life out already? You know exactly what is going to happen and what time it happens. Well meet six adults who probably thought the same thing until they truly on there own. Now they have formed a friendship and battle the struggles of everyday life in New York City. This gut busting comedy comes on every night on TBS at 7’ o’clock. “Friends” is a hilarious and heart warming show due to the characters, awesome acting, and life lessons that can be learned.
Two of my favorite characters in this show are the inpatient Monica and the free Phoebe. Monica reminds me of myself because she is a neat freak and has to have everything perfect. She makes her living as a head chief in a fancy restaurant. She also has big plans that include being married to her sweet heart Chandler. Phoebe, however, is clueless to the real world thanks to her mother who people know little about. She always has a positive side to everything which can sometimes be annoying to her friends.
The acting in this sitcom is amazing. For example in one episode Phoebe was having a baby for her brother. All her friends were so proud and happy for her. Suddenly when they walk out of the room, her faces twists and she screams. It was so real that my mother actually ran into the room, worried. Another example is when Chandler and Monica were discussing having a baby themselves and Monica kept going on and on. Chandler was so happy and thought at the time, but as soon as Monica turned around to talk to someone he panicked and disappeared. It was soon sudden and caught the audience of guard.
For each episode there is a theme that sums up the life lesson. For Phoebe the lesson was that life is hard and making a family is even harder. For Chandler the theme was telling him not to be afraid to be with the one he loves and telling her he’s afraid of starting a family. If you ever get stuck in the mud and need help, “Friends” will definitely help you. It has a theme for almost any problem.
So as you can see “Friends” is a sitcom full of wonderful characters, awesome acting, and a great theme that every one can experience on their own. I strongly recommend you hurry home, turn on your TV on to this sitcom on TBS at 7’ o’clock tonight. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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