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January 14, 2013
By Sparkle1pops PLATINUM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Sparkle1pops PLATINUM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Kodocha is a Japanese anime about a sweet but ultra-hyper girl in the 6th grade named Sana Kurata. Sana is a famous child actress who stars on a show called “child’s
toy”, Sana’s career manager is named Ray Sagami. Sana has a fantasy that Ray is
her boyfriend. Ray plays along with this because when Sana met him he was
homeless and begging on the street corner. Sana helped Ray turn the corner by
making him her manager, Ray works hard at this job in order to pay back Sana
for her kindness; he figures since Sana saved his life the least he could do is
play along with her game. Sana’s mother Misako Kurata is greatly dismayed by
this whole charade Sana created, but thinks it better to leave it as it is.
Sana’a mother is a bestselling author, and she too is a little loco. In the
beginning of the series there is a boy named Akito Hayama in Sana’s class at
school she full heartedly despises Akito until she learns that there is serious
trouble with Akitos family life. Then Sana realizes that no matter how rudely
Akito treats her she must be nice to him in order to help him get through the
troubles he is facing. Then one day Akito surprises Sana by stealing her first
kiss. This greatly upsets Sana because she was saving her first kiss for her,
“boyfriend” Ray. There are many ups and downs for Sana’s life but she
progresses through them with flying colors. This is a great show if you are
looking for a good anime to watch, or even if you are just searching for
something funny. Kodocha is an all-time great show that will be enjoyed by
anyone and everyone.

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