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Cuidado con el Angel

September 5, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever had nothing to do except watch T.V and the worst thing is that you don’t you hate it when you can’t find something good. That happened to me; I ended up watching a sop opera. To tell the truth I don’t really like them I am really picky when it comes to those things. It’s weird but this novella caught my eye I actually watched it and enjoyed it too. I did not see it as much but the parts I did it was worth it.

When I saw it the first time I really did not get it I was confused. The lady calling her an angel I did not get. But this sop opera was great I started understanding it when it had gone into more details. The novella was sad, happy, funny, and mad it had all different kinds of emotions and a lot of information. The lady that they called angel her name was Marichuy en la novela. Marichuy she had a hard life because she had no parents and they had left her in a foster home. Then after a time before she grew up a lady came to pick her up and take her out of the foster house. The lady had loved her and took care of her like if she was her own daughter.

Then she turned out to be a good person with her knowing that she had a step mother and that her real parents left her behind. She was old enough to make her own decisions. She would always go see a judge and he did not want to see her every day so she usually got in trouble. But a good thing about her was that she always spoke her mind. One day she had decided to rob milk. Yeah is in it weird? But she had her reasons for doing that and her reasons where because she wanted to give it to the foster homes because they did not have enough money to buy food. The judge was tiered of seeing her so he just put her in jail for what she had done but the bad thing was that he did not know she was doing it for a good thing.

She had a lawyer and she was crying when she was talking to him she begged him to take her out of jail. He knew the judge so he ended up taking her out of jail. But she went to live at his house the reason for that was so she could stay out of trouble. But when she got into that house everything started going wrong. She was sad and she always got yelled by a lady that lived there it was his mother in law but sadly his wife had died. Well that’s what everybody thought.

She ended up marring the lawyer after a while but she did not really want to because she had gotten raped when she was at a younger age. Then the real mother of Marichcuy had appeared and you would never guess who it turned out being her real parents it was the lawyer the wife of him found out by a priest. Then sadly but I did not finish watching the rest. But I can’t wait to see it again because I want to know what happens with Mrichuy and if she gets divorced from the lawyer or stays with him and the most important thing does she find out who her real parents are.

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on Aug. 8 2010 at 3:26 am
Future_author SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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I watched that show. It was great. I miss it. I started watching it late too.

daddy yankee said...
on Jun. 5 2009 at 9:41 pm
i like your show a lot becuse you all aways say that you love your baby boy ok thas so cool to now .