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So Many Channels, So Little Time

September 15, 2008
By Anonymous

With the arrival of September comes the beginning of autumn. But instead of watching the leaves change colors, devout TV viewers are awaiting the arrival of their favorite TV show premieres. The weekdays are filled with sizzling shows which give students a reason to take a break (or an extended one) from their rigorous academic lives. So what’s hot this season?

Spotted: B and S easing their way back into their scandalous lives to spend the last few days of their summer together. Lonely Boy is spending his summer wisely while scoping the scene after an agonizing break-up with S. Has anyone noticed Little J lately? Hopefully her talents on her sewing machine take her far, but her evil boss thinks otherwise. Nate seems to have a hidden agenda, or more like a secret tryst. Chuck needs to bring his A-game in order to woo Blaire; after all, she is Queen B.

As we leave the scene in New York and head over to Tree Hill, North Carolina, distressed One Tree Hill fans finally see who Lucas called to be his wife. For those cheering for Peyton, you will be overjoyed. All along, it really was Peyton who was his “Queen of Hearts”; Lucas just pretended to be in love with Lindsay. Jamie Scott was the star of the show with his heart-melting dance routine to In The Ayer. Creepy Nanny Carrie needs to check herself into a mental asylum. Skillz and Deb’s relationship: no comment! Just wait until Nathan finds out. And Ms. B. Davis needs to take self-defense classes, or she’ll end up with C over B in the hands of her evil mother.

Moving further down the east coast, we land in sunny Florida where the waters are a tranquil blue in the Palm Beaches. Megan Smith is not your average girl next door, but is that librarian who is completely transformed when she lets her hair down. After being fired from her job in New York, she steps into the world of the “Privileged” as a tutor for two high maintenance girls. According to their grandmother, Meg has one mission: get these girls into Duke. Will the sports car, $1500 a week pay, the beautiful room, and next door hottie distract Meg from teaching the girls about an unrequited love story between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan? Let’s see where the priorities of these filthy rich spoiled twins lie. Maybe Meg will be able to bring some discipline into their lives and show them who’s boss.

After a decade of creating ten top models, Tyra is back once again in Los Angeles with a fresh set of faces where one will girl will become the face of the future. The girls are bringing their fiercest faces, strutting down the runway convincing the judges and themselves that they are worthy of being America’s Next Top Model. The girls seem to be wary of Isis, who has a lot at stake coming into the competition as a transgender, but she has to fight all odds and can’t let the other girls get into her head. You go Isis! Show the other girls that you can be the top model. What about our Asian mama Sheena? She hails from Harlem, NY and brings a whole new flava to the competition. Show them what you’re made of!

Staying in California, we cruise over to take a peek into the drama filled lives of the wealthy students in Beverly Hills. This family from Kansas is in for a total shock. Things run differently when you step into the Beverly Hills scene. Unfortunately for Dixon and Annie, they have a lot to learn and need to shed their Kansas skin. And maybe Beverly Hills is really all about the “lights, camera, action!” after all.

With all these shows invading our TVs, there’s still more to come. House fans eagerly await its return. Will House finally become “human” after being the cause of his best friend’s girlfriend’s death? Oh and, Dr. Lawrence Kutner (Kal Penn!) makes this show a must watch! Detectives Benson and Stabler will be solving new cases in New York with the Special Victims Unit. Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim Halpert, and the rest of the crew return for another season of mockumentaries of the typical office worker. Dr. McDreamy will have all eyes glued on the TV with his ominous return on Grey’s Anatomy.

Viewers definitely won’t be disappointed this fall, and if you ever get frustrated with a character on a show, there’s a whole variety of other characters and shows for you to watch instead.

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