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The ReaL WorLd

February 27, 2009
By Jennavie Rivera BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Jennavie Rivera BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Let's face it, after 20 seasons of The Real World, I'm sure we can all agree that they weren't all as equally entertaining. The show was first put on the air in 1992 with The Real World New York.

I can say that I believe that this season of The Real World which is in Brooklyn, New York is by far the best. The casting crew made sure they included every type of character into the house this year and for the first time there are 8 people living together unlike all the other seasons where there were only 7.

Now we have by far the best person in the house. Ryan! After graduating from high school he enlisted in the army and served in Iraq. Now he is in film school and enjoys spending time with his roommates and pulling pranks.

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