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I love money 2

March 16, 2009
By Krysta Carpenter BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Krysta Carpenter BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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I Love Money 2 is a reality drama show. It's about a bunch of people coming from different love shows on VH1. These include: I love New York one and two, Real Chance of love, Rock of Love one and two, Flavor of Love one two and three. These nineteen men and women all came together for one thing on I love money 2 and that's the 250,000 dollars prize. Craig Jackson, the host of I love money 2, hosts all these different challenges each day. There are two different teams The Gold team and the Green team. Every episode the teams get smaller and smaller because someone goes home. They chose one team caption for each team. When one of the teams loses they go into the vault. In the vault they decide whose check is going in the strong box based on how the team did that day. The three checks that go into the strong box will go on a power outing the next day with the winning team's caption. At the end of each episode someone gets the check voided and they have to bounce.

All of the actors are different in their own way. If you like loud obnoxious people who like to scream then you would like people like Becky Buck wild and Frank the Entertainer. They are two of loudest people on the whole show. I would like to see one of them win the show. I don't like Buddha or Prancer. I don't like Buddha because all he ever does is try to start fights and argue, it gets pretty annoying after a while. I don't like Prancer because she seems dishonest and doesn't seem like the type of person you would want to trust. I don't like Frenchie because she never does anything she likes to stand there and just look cute. My favorite part of the show is the challenges. I like the challenges because it's exciting to see which team wins and how well they do in the challenges.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes to watch shows with a lot of fighting in them. Shows that are all about the drama, there's a little bit of action in them but not that much. Anyone That has seen the love shows from VH1 before.

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