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I Love Money 2

March 17, 2009
By Anonymous

I love money was a popular show on VH1 last year. This year there are 19 players all from four different reality shows Rock of Love, Flavor Flav, I love New York and real Chance Of Love. While on these shows they were competing for a celebrity's love but this time there they're competing for a quarter of a million dollars. Each week they compete in physical and mental challenges. There are two teams the green and the gold. Every week 3 people get sent up for elimination and go on a power outing with the pay master who decides if they will get eliminated.

The cast of the show includes Ice, The entertainer, Saaphyri, Angelique, Myammee, Becky Buckwild, Cali, Leilene, Milf, Bonez, Buddha, Heat, It, 20 Pack, Onix, Prancer, Tailor Made, Tamara, and T-weed. People on the show are there for different reasons. Some are for financial, some are for looks, and one thing they all have in common is their wanting for two hundred fifty thousand dollars. While being on the show some cast members fell in love while being on the show which ruined there chances of getting the money. Heat and The Entertainer were also on the first season of I Love money. Obviously they didn't win the first time and still want the money. Some cast members form alliances with the other cast members. Most alliances were meant to be secret but aren't because the cast becomes very close and can't keep secrets. This stirs up the game and makes people throw challenges. Getting along with people on a reality show can be difficult because it's a compition.

I wouldn't recommend this show to children but to mature teenagers and adults. This show could have been better but the cast has a lot of drama which makes it seem fake. This makes it all seem like the people aren't really competing which takes away from the show. If you don't like things with rude language lots of drama I wouldn't recommend this to you. I like this show though because the drama which makes it seem fake also makes it entertaining.

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