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Family Guy

March 18, 2009
By Chris Marianetti BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Chris Marianetti BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Family Guy is a cartoon tv show. In the show Peter, Chris and Brian do things that people can't do. In one episode Peter opens a beer bottle and a genie comes out. For his last wish he wished he had no bones because for his first wish he wished he had back round music. So One guy got mad on a bus. All of the Family Guy episodes have at least one problem. For example in one episode Peter kept on going places after Louis told him they had to go places.

Some of the characters are Peter, Louis, Chris, Megan, Brian (a dog), Cleveland, Evil monkey, Death, Quagmire, and Stuie. Peter is the main character. My favorite character is Peter because he is the funniest to me. Some voices are Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green and Mike Henry VI.

All of the voices fit the characters. Seth MacFarlane is my favorite voice. He is my favorite voice because he does a lot of the characters. He does Peter, Brian, Stuie, Chris, Cleveland and Quagmire. Alex Borstein is my least favorite voice because she only plays Megan.

For my overall opinion I give the show Family Guy 5 stars. I give it 5 stars because it is a show that I can enjoy. I can compare this show to American Dad because both shows are made by the same people. People who like funny shows would like this show.

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