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Battlefield: Bad Company

May 21, 2009
By Justice Stull BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Justice Stull BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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Battlefield Bad Company P53 X-box 360
BF: Bad Company is a teen rated first person shçoter game. Thanks to a revolutionary Frostbite
game engine everything in the game is destroyable. The engine was, built exclusively for Bad Company. Besides that the game is filled with unique and funny characters. One of these characters is named Haggard he is the explosive expert. He is in Bad Company because H blew up the officers' latrine. The B Company of the army is called Bad Company because this is where the army puts all of its mischief makers.
The game takes place in the near future in which the United States is at war with Russia. In the
game a group of soldiers find something worth fighting for. The group finds Russian gold! Then because of Haggard the group is forced to go AWOL. The game has a multiplayer game called Gold Rush. Where you can decimate the competition and find the gold.

EA has just announced Battlefield: Bad Company 2 so if you're a fan of blowing stuff and killing people seems fun to you should go out and buy BF: bad Company soon. If you like this kind of game there is the Gold Edition with bonus guns.

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