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NBA 2k9 on X-box, PS3

December 15, 2009
By DellsBallas BRONZE, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
DellsBallas BRONZE, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
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I chose this review because I have this video game at my house and I like to play it. It is a cool and special game that is different from any of the other ones like it. It also has many new features that help with maximum game play ability.

There are many new features in this game like providing the amazing dunks and skills that can’t be beat in any other game. You can also easily make player transactions and use the salary cap to your advantage, there is even a new creation zone where you can create your own player with many unique things. The game also has a portion in it called Game Modes where you can play online or even do a dynasty or season in it!

The game has all the new roster updates and even the coolest retro jerseys from the past. But my favorite part of the game is having curtain players with their own dunk and shooting styles which make game play more fun and realistic.

I like this game and it is one of my favorite games to ever play. I would recommend it to any basketball fans.

This is a fun and exciting game that anyone would enjoy. It’s made for any age group and some cool and awesome new and extra features.

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