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Legend of Zelda series on Wii, Game cube, Wii U, 3DS, NES, Game boy, SNES, DS

November 7, 2014
By lightblades12 BRONZE, Yelm, Washington
lightblades12 BRONZE, Yelm, Washington
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Why do people like the Legend of Zelda (will refer to as LOZ) series so much? Maybe it’s because of the nostalgia or maybe it’s because it provides lots of fun. Here are a couple of reasons why it might be such a good game.

One reason that Legend of Zelda is such a good game is there any fun dungeons. In any given game there about nine dungeons. Each dungeon has a boss and a mini boss. There are enemies that are that regenerate every time you re-enter a room. There enemies that are related to that dungeon (Like if you are in a water dungeon chances are that there aren’t going to be enemies that breathe fire but there might be fish like enemies). In every dungeon you get at least one weapon/item. Sometimes but not often you can get a two or three weapons/items. (Spoiler alert) A couple examples are in the fire dungeon in LOZ: twilight princess (will refer to LOZ: T.P.) you get iron boots (before you enter the dungeon), bow and arrow, and bombs (right after you defeat the dungeon boss).

In every game there is a main enemy. One of the most common enemies is Ganondorf. He is in many games like LOZ: T.P., LOZ: four swords, and LOZ: ocarina of time. Another main enemy is Demise. Ganondorf is the later form of Demise. (There is a timeline attached if this is hard to understand). Demise shows up in only LOZ; skyward sword. Demise is also known as The Imprisoned because he was imprisoned in a type of realm in the sky.
The Legend of Zelda series is home to many cool weapons. One of the best weapons in the game is The Master Sword. This weapon shows up in almost every game except a few. The Master Sword has many names like The Goddess Sword and the sword of evils bane. The Master Sword is hardest to get in LOZ: Skyward Sword (it takes about six dungeons and about 30 more minutes due to cut scenes). A couple other cool weapons are. 1. The boomerang this one shows up in either the forest or the water temple. 2. The bomb the bomb is normally found in or after the fire temple. 3. The bow and arrow this weapon shows up in the fire or the second electric/sand temple.

Another reason Legend of Zelda is such a good game is because of the side quests and minigames. Some good minigames are. 1. The star tent in LOZ: T.P. 2. Money dig in LOZ: Skyward Sword. 3. LOZ: A Link Between Worlds racing the running man. Some good side quests are. 1. Collecting Poe souls in LOZ: T.P. and LOZ: Ocarina of Time. 2. Collecting all of the heart pieces in the entire LOZ series (this is very time consuming but also very fun). 3. Also one of the most time consuming side quests of all of them all is collecting all masks in LOZ: Majora’s mask.

These are reasons why Legend of Zelda is such a good series.



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on Feb. 2 2015 at 8:14 am
Brian110 SILVER, Jonesport, Maine
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The master sword is also called the BLADE of evils bane not sword of evils bane.

on Nov. 20 2014 at 10:44 am
UltimateZeldafan SILVER, Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania
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It was really good, but you need proper punctuation, and also, feel free to talk more about the characters and specific items.