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Dead Space

By Robert Griffiths SILVER, Glendale, Arizona
Robert Griffiths SILVER, Glendale, Arizona
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Dead Space is the newest horror survival game to launch on the 360. This game delivers its promise to make you jump and keep the lights on. This game takes elements from the Resident Evil series and throws in a R-PG element into the mix. This game does an amazing job of making you feel trapped and all alone. This game will have you fearing the next turn down the hallway as the monsters will climb through vents and through walls. The game adds something new to this type of series. You are able to upgrade your suit to add more health, kinesis, and air supply. You are also allowed to upgrade your weapons reload, capacity, and fire power. These upgrades are made possible by power nodes which can be found throughout the ship or purchased at a vending machine. There is a variety of monsters that lurk in every comer, waiting to pounce and attack. The monsters can only be killed by severing their limbs from the body. This is where your weapons have a major role. The weapons can be changed to cut horizontally or vertically. You must also watch your health at all times making sure it does not drop down or you will most likely not survive. The controls are very solid and the learning curve is easy to get used to. Once you master the controls the game will seamlessly move through the story. This game is very solid and does a solid job of making you scared. If you like to play shooting games or survival games I would recommend this game to you.

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