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Confessions of a Guitar Hero Addict

By Francisco Chavira BRONZE, Prescott Valley, Arizona
Francisco Chavira BRONZE, Prescott Valley, Arizona
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Green, Red, Blue, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Orange. These colors zipped down the screen in the form of small spherical orbs. I sweat from excitement as I rapidly pressed the colorful buttons on the plastic guitar. I could feel the beat of the song playing, as I mouthed along. The words, star power is available, flash across the screen. I quickly tilted the guitar upwards, causing the sound of an eruption. Suddenly, blue flames ignited from the sides of the screen, and every colorful orb had become blue. The notes appeared as if they were a streaming river. I felt a chill through my whole body, which caused my spine to tingle. Soon, the flowing river of orbs became rapids. In between notes, I would take a second to glance at my increasing score. I heard the crowd cheer as I played the last note. The words, "You Rock!", came across the screen, then showed me my score of 89%. I yelled out a, "YES!", which could be heard through out the entire house. When I looked over to my friend, he exclaimed, "I told you so", and that is when I first became addicted to Guitar Hero.

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