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Bravely Default 3DS on Nintendo 3DS

January 14, 2015
By UltimateZeldafan SILVER, Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania
UltimateZeldafan SILVER, Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania
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“Is FINAL FANTASY re-imagined”-
“Is an interesting plot with amazing graphics”- Jay Johnston
“Old school FINAL FANTASY fans REJOICE! A relic has fallen from FINAL FANTASY”- Dave Callan
“Greatest JRPG EVER!”- “DJ” Dustin Jacobs
Attention FINAL FANTASY fans, if you like FINAL FANTASY, you will LOVE Bravely Default.

BRAVELY DEFAULT has classic feats from original FINAL FANTASY games, but unlike the ruined FINAL FANTASY without the curved plotline when you change a job. BRAVELY DEFAULT has three main features that set it off from other action/adventure and fantasy RPG games. These include 1: Jobs, and 2: Quests.

Section 1: Jobs and Classes
As you start the game, you have the default job as a Freelancer (which is pretty weak) which will give you added bonuses as you level up (see combat for details). You can switch jobs anytime, but I personally recommend that you get it mastered so you can get the bonus of leveling up the Freelancer position, then you can switch the jobs as much as you want. Other jobs include Knight, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Valkyrie, etc. As you combat the creatures around the world, you gain experience. After you gain enough experience you will level up your class. The higher class level, the easier the jobs you go on will be.

2: Quests
A most common part of a game is the main quests that you have to do to complete the game. For example: BRAVELY DEFAULT: you have to help the citizens across the world, and fighting the enemies to complete the quests. Some quests are simple like gather three things by defeating enemies, or buying them from stores. By doing these quests, after they are done, you will gain an incredible amount of experience, and sometimes rare items or new job classes.

If you are interested in buying this game, you can find it at: GameStop, Wall Mart, and other places that sell video games at the low, low price of 39.99!

The author's comments:

It isnt much, but I think it will provide good entertainment.

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