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Rock Band 2

February 26, 2009
By Tiyanna Oshier BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Tiyanna Oshier BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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I never really thought I would be into video games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band. But when I went to my friends house and played Rock Band 2 I suddenly became addicted. Having songs from all different bands like The Offspring, Alice in Chains, The who and even, paramore people from all different ages would enjoy this game.

I bought it for the Xbox 360 you can also buy it for the PS3 or the Nintendo Wii. You can buy the game and get the instruments separately or you can get the bundle set which comes with the game, mic, drumset and, guitar for $189. That is a good deal considering the game is 59.99 and each instrument is about $60.

Being so excited, I opened up the bundle and then put everything together. When I was finally finished I turned on the game and then saw the opening which was Hello There by Cheap Trick, yeah my dad was even shocked. Looking at the menu it had some modes like Quick Play, Tour, Extras and, Options. So clicking on quick play, then solo I come along the song list.

I really do not know how rock band works on the other two systems but for the 360 the guitar and drumset are wireless. I didn't think it would be that accurate but shockingly it was.

Singing on the mic was even fun even though on harder difficulties you have to sing right on the note. You can even get another guitar to have four people play, one guitar can do bass and the other can just be the guitarist. You can even buy another mic to do a duet which I think is really cool.

What I couldn't stop playing was the tour mode, which allows you to create your own band and get famous all around the U.S. The game starts off with 12 songs, but when you play new songs you unlock them. By doing different gigs and contests you can gain fans and money. You use the money to buy your characters outfits, new hairstyles, accessories and even instruments that show on the game. The game even allows you to get a manager and a bus which is how you travel from place to place.

I believe on any system you get you can buy songs for your game. In total Rock Band 2 has over 80 songs, but if you buy songs like every month, by the end of the year you will have over 500 songs. Also if you have Xbox Live you can play with or against other players. I am not sure how that works yet, I'm going to practice a little more before I do that.

Just like every game there are easy parts and hard ones. I'm even having trouble doing Chop Suey by System of a Down. You can choose your difficulty for each instrument.

I would rate this a 8/10 mainly because I don't think you should have to pay for new songs, they should've had it so that you just gain points from tour mode and buy the songs using them, but besides that I do find it cool that you can customize your band and even make your logo. It is also really cool that you can even make tattoos for your characters. So I highly recommend this game to all ages, gender, whatever. If you're a huge music fan, or you just want to play something to have the time go by quickly, BUY this game or at least play it, trust me its worth it.

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