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Halo Wars

March 18, 2009
By Dylan Withers BRONZE, Northglen, Colorado
Dylan Withers BRONZE, Northglen, Colorado
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Halo Wars is the newest Halo game to come out, the strange thing about it is that it wasn't made by Bungie. Bungie created every Halo game so it was strange that they would stop making the game and let a new company make it. The reason for this is that this game is not like the other Halos. The other Halos are first person shooters while this game is a real time strategy game. The characters are even new and they are on a different planet.

The few things that make this game like the others are the two fractions. They are the Covenant and the UNSC. The flood and sentinels also show up but you never control them as far as I can tell. The only other similarities (that I can think of) are the units that you control.

Before you go running to the store to buy this game I want to tell you that only the most die hard fans should get it. The computer opponents offer no challenge even on the hardest difficulty. The fractions are almost the same. Even the strategy to win on different opponents or with a different fraction is the same.

I would personally buy another game. If you want a challenge get another game. Just because you like other Halos doesn't mean you will like this one. If you are going to buy the game despite my warnings just make sure you get the legendary edition so you get the new Halo 3 maps.

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