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In my head, it's another world.

December 15, 2010
By sticky BRONZE, Poland, Ohio
sticky BRONZE, Poland, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"pretending to listen and sympathize is my specialty"

i guess you could say,
that i scare myself

things i think,
well they just sound
obserd outloud

i'll slip sometimes,
you can get mad,
but i really don't care.

grit my teeth
as i grin,
please leave me alone.

it's just not working,
this you and i.

it's rude to say,
but i'd like you to die.

you spy on my thoughts,
and wisper in my ear.
scream in my face,
scratch at my eyes.

your disquise
is your beauty,
just a voice in my head,
a shillouette in the window.

you've got daggers as eyes,
and blood on your lips,
small and fragile,
but strong and brave.

shoot at me with words,
oh, your kind loving words.

my imaginary friend,
you'll be with me past the end.

i can scratch at your eyes,
and beg you to leave,
you just won't let me be.

i tear at my skin,
and hope i'll win,
but you are me,
and i am you.
we'll always loose.

a battle with eachother,
we're together.

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