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School Sponsorship

Sponsor Teen Ink's future magazines for any specific school or region that is important to you and bring your message to a large audience of students, parents and teachers. We will print your name on the cover of each issue every month.

Call (617) 964-6800 for details and cost.

How school sponsorship works:
  1. You select the schools - as many as you want - to receive future Teen Ink magazines.
  2. Your company's name will appear on the cover of every monthly issue for the schools you sponsor.*
  3. Your total cost for a full year is only $195 per school for 30 copies a month - that's 300 copies per school year.
Advantages for your organization:
  • Your message reaches a large audience of students, parents and teachers, which tells them you care about teens, their voices and their education. 
  • We contact the schools explaining your sponsorship and your support of teens in the community. 
  • We ship the magazines directly to the schools. There is no extra work or expense for you. 
  • You will be working with an organization that has fourteen years experience with teens, schools and educators.
Advantages for the students you sponsor:
  • Teens are connected with their peers nationwide in a forum that is exclusively theirs.
  • Students have the opportunity to submit their work for publishing consideration in our magazine, book series and website.
  • Students gain important reading, writing and communication skills necessary for success in school and the workplace.