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By aubriwrites BRONZE
Farmington, Utah
aubriwrites BRONZE, Farmington, Utah
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By eneale16
Kennebunk, Maine
eneale16, Kennebunk, Maine
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By huss0
Lahore, Other
huss0, Lahore, Other
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By SamiyaNagrath
New Delhi, Other
SamiyaNagrath, New Delhi, Other
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By Solijiam
North York, Ontario
Solijiam, North York, Ontario
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EulogyForAnAngel, Jefferson, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"People die when they're killed" Shirou Emiya- Hero of Justice

By ArhumAsif BRONZE
Muscat, Other
ArhumAsif BRONZE, Muscat, Other
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Favorite Quote:
You can never change the past so don't cry for what happened think of the future and keep smiling because you deserve to be happy 😊

By Anonymous
By fliu23
San Mateo, California
fliu23, San Mateo, California
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By Lydiaq ELITE
Somonauk, Illinois
Lydiaq ELITE, Somonauk, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Let the disappointments pass
Let the laughter fill your glass
Let your illusions last until they shatter.
Whatever you might hope to find
Among the thoughts that crowd your mind
There won't be many that ever really matter.
But take good care of your mother
And remember to be kind
When the pain of another will serve you to remind."
--Jackson Browne