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To Be A Leader

March 21, 2022
By Anonymous

Author's note:

I was inspired to write about this because at the time that I did, I could see many people in "high places" or positions that gave them some power. However, it's rare to see people in such positions that are able to make noble decisions for the benefit of the people they lead and humble themselves. Power can sometimes go right to someone's head. I hope that after reading my story, people will have a different view of leadership and what is really means to be a leader or to be greater.

The author's comments:

This is not a chapter, it is a prologue.

There was a Kingdom, far away; on another planet, in another solar system. The Kingdom and planet were both named Aestrea because of the many moons that orbited the planet. It was a monarchy, ruled by a King, a Queen, and their Daughter. They were good people and leaders. The father had been born into the royal family and he met the mother on a trip throughout the village. They married and had one daughter. That was it, their happy family.

10 years ago:

“I could be just as a good of a King as you. Perhaps even better.”

“What does it mean to be a ruler to you? Why do you obsess over it so much?”

“You don’t get it. All I want is power. I want to speak and for everyone to listen. As their King, they’d have to obey every command I give. Right?”

“Is that really all it is to you?”

“What more could it be”

“A King is a leader.”

“I will be a leader, a leader who commands and speaks. I want to have authority.”

“A leader should listen more than they speak.” 

“Ha, you’re just weak!”

Luna walked down stairs to the dining table; her mother and grandmother were already there. She sat down at the table with them yet said nothing.

That same day, a year ago, Luna’s Kingdom had defeated an enemy. Such days should be filled with celebration but for Luna’s family, it was all a bitter reminder that Papa was no longer with them. He decided that as King, it was his duty to fight in a war. Although their army won, Papa didn’t make it back.   

“Good morning” said Mama as she forced a smile.

Luna also forced a small smile, yet still said nothing. Mama reached out to hold Luna’s hand. 

“Your Papa wouldn’t have wanted you to be sad on such a day. He would have wanted today to be a huge celebration.” said Luna’s grandmother as she also held out her hand.

“You’re right,” said Luna as she lifted her face. “A good ruler lifts her head for her people” she said, quoting Papa perfectly. She smiled. 

“Honey,” said Mama. “Your grandmother and I were considering holding a festival in honor of the victory.” 

“We could see today as a day for celebration,” added Luna’s grandmother. 

Luna thought about it for a while, she still felt uncomfortable with having the day of Papa’s death become a day for celebration. However, thinking of the Kingdom first, she agreed.

“Yes, that would be fun. How can I help?”

Mama, Luna, and her grandmother continued to talk about the preparations over breakfast.

The preparation didn't take long, mama and grandma already had most of the things prepared. They knew she would agree. After all, Luna always wanted what was best for the people, or what Papa would have wanted her to do. 

“Well, we’re done,” announced Mama. “We should start the festival at 9, that gives us a few hours to get ready.”

“Yes, that sounds good,” responded grandma. “I’ll have the guards spread the news to the people”

“I want to go too.”

“Very well, Luna. But be careful and be back in time to get ready.”

Luna agreed. 

Luna loved to go out into the Village and talk to the people of Aestra. Of, corce, she always does more listening than talking to herself. She listened to all the people had to say, even when it just felt like they were complaining. That was what Papa always did; He knew that wise leaders were good listeners, Luna knew it too. 

“Good morning Mrs. Mercury! WIll you, Mr. Mercury, and all the children are coming to the celebration tonight?”

“Of course, we can't wait. But…are you sure you’re ready dear? I know this day will always be hard on you.

Luna sighed softly, “Yess, I’ll be fine. I just want to do what’s best for the Kingdom.”

“You’re just like your father Luna.”

Later at the Castle, Mama, grandma, and Luna rushed to get ready on time. In only a few minutes the ballroom would be flooded with guests from all over the Kingdom.

Luna, grandma, and Mama stepped into the ballroom where they were greeted by many clapping citizens.

“Tonight,” announced Mama. “We celebrate that one year ago, the Kingdom of Aestrea stood strong in the face of an enemy. Though many good people were lost, the King included. We did not give in nor did we give up!”

The crowd roared.

Now all the workers in the castle brought out all the food. The room was immediately filled with the warm, savory aroma of all the food. Everyone ate and talked and had a great time. 

Luna sat with the Mercurys: she enjoyed playing with the children and the children were very fond of her. Everything seems to be going well. 

Suddenly, out of nowhere, in the middle of the room appeared a strange man in a long, black cloak. He appeared in a cloud of smoke. Everyone stared with their jaws dropped. Then, the man removed his hood. 

“Cenjez!?” exclaimed Mama as she glared at him. 

“Celest, how wonderful. It’s been such a long time.” he grinned, maliciously. 

“What do you want?” demanded Mama as she stepped in front of Luna to shield her. 

“Relax,” he mocked. “I come in peace.”

“You and I both know that’s not true.”



“Make me King, give me this Kingdom.”

“I wouldn’t make you King if my life depended on it.”

“Oh but it does,” he then pulled out a staff, aimed at Mama, and fired. She and Luna dogged and no harm came upon anyone.

“Fine, have it your way. I didn’t really want to get rid of you anyways, it’s not like you could stop me. With my pestilent brother gone, who’s to stop me from having Aestrea. Mark my words, I will be King and you will pay for this. 

In an instant, he vanished, leaving the people to choke on his smoke.

The Queen ordered one third of the royal guards to make sure every single person got home safe. The other third to guard the palace and the final third to search for Cenjez.

“I want to help,” said Luna.

“No, you stay put.”

“Who was that?”

Mama and grandma looked at each other for a long while. 


Luna couldn’t believe that her uncle could really be so evil as to return after Papa’s death and just to take his Kingdom. 

“Is he even human?” Pondered Luna out loud. “How could a human be like that to his own brother, and over a Kingdom?”

“It’s not just the Kingdom, dear,” said Mama, “he wants power.”

“That’s ridiculous!” Being a ruler shouldn’t be about becoming some tyrant and trying to intimidate and command others just so you can feel powerful.”

“I agree, but not everyone views the world in the same way we do.”

Luna huffed. The situation frustrated her, and the fact that she could be of no use frustrated her even more.

“Why won’t you let me go?”

“Go where?...Oh, I see what you mean. NO, absolutely not. Don’t you know how dangerous that would be.

“I don’t care!”

“Well you should, you’re probably the first person Cenjiz wants dead because after you there’s no one in line for the throne.”

“Exacally, which is why I should go.”

“I said no.”

“Papa would have let me go.” 

“Your father would have gone and that’s precisely the reason why he’s not here right now!”

Now Mama had tears streaming down her cheeks. It wasn’t until then that Luna realized that her mother actually was scared. Now she felt guilty for having reminded Papa at such a time as this.

“This isn’t up for discussion” declared Mama as she whipped her tears off her face. She got up and walked out Luna’s room and closed the door behind her.

Luna laid on her bed and mushed her face into her pillows. She was frustrated and now felt guilty. She didn’t want to hurt Mama, but she also still felt like she needed to do something. She thought about what she could do, she thought very hard. She thought until her thoughts turned into dreams and she was fast asleep. 

Luna heard a knock on the door. She sat up and looked around. It was still dark, she wondered who it could be. Perhaps it was her mother, coming back to ground her. She finally got up and opened the door. It was her grandmother.

“What's going on? Is everythi-”

“Shhhh” said Abuela as she raised her finger to her lips.

Luna said nothing, but her face of confusion said it all. Abuela stepped into her room and quietly closed the door.

“Luna, dear. Please listen to me when I tell you that I love you so, so much and I wouldn’t ever want anything bad to ever happen to you. However, I also know that one day you will be Queen for real and we won’t be able to keep you locked up away from danger.”

“What are you saying, grandma?”

“I’m saying that you need to go. I lost my son because he wanted to protect the Kingdom and now I am sending my grandchild. Please, I want you to know that this is very difficult for me and I don’t want you to go. However, I know this is for the best.”

“I love you grandma.”

“I love you too, but please-”

“Grandma, I don’t think I want to go. I mean I do want to but I… I don’t think I can even do anything. What can I do? I just… even if I did go. What would I do? Where would I start.”

“This is precisely why I think… know you should go. These are questions that I cannot answer you but you must go and learn on your own.”

“I’m scared.”

“I am too, and you know what?”

Luna shook her head.

“Your Papa would have been too.”

Luna wrapped her arms around her grandma and cried softly. She wasn’t exactly sure why, it was a mix of emotions.

“Thank you” said Luna. Her grandmother hugged her back.

“There’s something I want to give you before you go.”


“I wanted to give you this on your coronation but I think now would be the perfect time.”

She showed her a small, dusty cardboard box she had brought with her and opened it. Inside was a small, old notebook. The cover said, “TO BE A LEADER.”

“Your Papa started writing in this book when he was about your age. I figured it might help give you guidance and inspiration.”

Luna cried again. She felt so happy to have received such a gift. It truly was a gift and just what she needed as she was about to embark on this journey. Suddenly, an idea struck her.


“Yes, dear.”

“Did…uhh…Did uncle Cenjiz ever have a family?”

“Well, yes he did. He abandoned them a long time ago though.”

“Do you have any idea where they live?”

“It’s not the first time your uncle has tried to take over. He tried many years ago too, when you were just a few months old. Your father quickly defeated him and offered him to retreat and he wouldn’t hurt him. His family also left the Kingdom because they wanted to avoid conflict. However, they went separate ways. He went off towards the mountains, and his wife and daughter went into the forest. No one has seen them since. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I may have just decided where I want to start.”

“Must you start there, honey?”

“Yes, grandma. I need to.”

She hugged her grandma again and then, her grandma helped lower her on a rope out her bedroom window.

Luna set out into the night, she walked by moonlight. By the time the sun had risen, she handmade it to the entrance of the forest. She stared into the forest and saw the thick trunks of the trees standing tall, she felt the mind blowing in her hair as that same wind made the leaves on the branches swish. It was such a beautiful and peaceful moment that made me not even want to go into the forest. However, she knew she had to. She toughout about what she might find. She thought about what she was even looking for. Are they even still alive? If they are then what would I even say to them or ask them? Once again, thoughts swirled in Luna’s head as she walked. She walked for hours until she grew very tired and hungry. She sat on a rock and looked around her. She looked around and around until something caught her eye. In the distance there seemed to be some sort of cottage in the woods. Could it be? thought Luna. At that moment she forgot all about being tired and ran as fast as she could towards the cottage. As she started approaching it, she stopped running and started walking towards it. The cottage looked very cozy and there was a beautiful vegetable garden outside. There must be someone living here, how else would the garden be so well attended? Finally, Luna knocked on the door. Nothing happened. Luna knocked again and waited a few moments. Nothing again. She figured that no one must be home, but as she turned to leave, the door creaked open a little. A young girl peeked her head out, she looked to be the same age as Luna. She had long blond hair and green-blue eyes and she wore simple clothing.

“Ma,” called the girl as she stared at Luna, very confused. 

“What is it dear,” said a voice coming from inside the house.

“Someone’s at the door.”

Immediately the girl’s mother came running to the door and she stared at Luna in awe. They both stared at her as if they had never seen another human begging in their life. Luna decided to break the silence.


“Who are you?”

“Uhh, that's a long story.”


“Uhh, no you know Cengiz?”


“Do you?”

“I apologize for my manners, please, please, come inside. My name is Candy.” said the woman as she led Luna inside.

“I’m sorry if this is lower quality than what you’re used to, princess.”

“You know me.”

“Only the princes could wear such quality clothing and come knocking on people's doors.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“Don’t worry dear, I was just teasing. Forgive us if we may act a bit strange but it’s been nearly 15 years since anyone has paid us a visit.”

“15 YEARS?!”

“Yes, but it’s ok. If that's what keeps us out of trouble then so be it. I just wanted to raise my daughter somewhere safe.”

“Well, I don’t mean to bring you trouble but I do have some questions.”

“Well, I’ll see how much I may be able to tell you.”

“Wait a minute,” interrupted the blonde girl who had opened the door. 

“Oh, this is my daughter, Sabrina. Sabrina, this is your…uhh… your cousin Luna is right.”

“Yeah. Wow. You remember my name? After all those years?”

“Well, even though I haven't seen anyone but my daughter in the last 15 years doesn’t mean I never think about life outside of these woods.” 

“Wait,” said Sabrina. “So you’re my cousin. Your Dad is the one who broke our family.”

“SABRINA!” said her mother angrily. “Your father is evil and your uncle was right to banish him.”

Sabrina stormed out and into her room and shut the door. 

“I’m so sorry about that. Sabrina…she…well. She’s always hoped that her father isn’t all evil, she dreams of him coming back and us being a complete family. She dreams of us leaving this forest and living a normal life.”

“Why do you stay here?”

“We’re…I was scared. When Cenjiz first tried to take over the Kingdom, I tried to talk him out of it. But he said that he would stop at nothing to get it and that he didn’t care who he had to get through to do it, even if it was his wife or daughter. He was angry when I didn’t follow him, but I would never have. I wanted Sabrina to grow up somewhere safe. Somewhere where people wouldn’t question her about the kind of father she had.”

Luna noticed that her woman was now crying. It pained her to talk about this and it pained Luna to know what she had come to tell her.

“I’m really sorry. I wish I had better news but the thing is… Cenjiz has returned.”


“Yes, and this time he tried to kill my mother. She didn’t want me to come, she also wanted to protect me. Just like how you want to protect Sabrina. But I couldn’t just sit there and watch Cenjiz take over. I knew I had to find him and stop him. I don’t know how yet but that’s why I came here. I was hoping for some answers or some clues. I was hoping you’d know something that’d help me out.”

Candy lowered her gaze and was silent. 

“I… I’m not sure where he is exactly but I know he is somewhere in the mountains. He told me, right before he left, that if I ever came back begging him to take me back that he would be on the tallest mountain. But I don’t know what mountain that would be.”

“It would be mount Astroy,” said Sabrina as she was walking back in from the room. “I’m sorry. I…I just get really mad about this topic. I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“It…It’s ok,” responded Luna. She wasn't quite sure what else to say.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t be of much help but please. You must be hungry, I'll make you something.”

“No, that’s not necessary.”

“Nonsense,” said Candy as she walked into the kitchen and began to prepare food.

Sabrina led Luna outside and they sat on the porch. They sat in silence for a while.

“I really am sorry for what I said earlier. I know your dad was a good King. I just recently heard of all this, my mom waited a long time to tell me.”

“Same, if it weren’t for the fact that your Da…uhh…I mean my uncle Cenjiz had tried to invade again, she probably still wouldn’t have told me.”

Another long pause.

“It’s just that I know my dad is evil. My mom can’t ever forgive him for what he did and for leaving us. I know but I don’t want to accept it. I still dream of him coming back to be with us and us being a happy family, not living in the woods.”

“I’m so sorry Sabrina. I…I miss my dad too. Very much.”

Suddenly, Sabrina hugged Luna, Luna hugged her back. It was the first time Luna had ever gotten a hug from a friend. She considered Sabrina a friend now. It felt good to share with someone her problems and listen to theirs. She felt a sister bond forming with Sabrina. Luna had never had a friend quite like this before. Was Sabrina a real friend? Maybe, perhaps. 

Candy came outside on the porch. “Girls, the soup is ready. Luna, please come and eat.”

“Thank you very much, Mrs. Candy.”

“Mom, I…uhh…I want to go with Luna. I…I know where the tallest mountain is, I know how to get there. Please…I…I know I can help.”

Candy huffed. “Well, I…I…” She was very hesitant but then she remembered her conversation with Luna and she didn’t want to stop Sabrina. Maybe this was something that would be good for her. “I…I guess. If Luna lets you.”

“Of course,” Luna was very unsure if this was the right thing to do. Could she really trust Sabrina? Was bringing her along the right thing to do? What if she got hurt. Nevertheless, she couldn’t find it in her to say no. “I’ll need all the help I can get.”

“Yess!” Cherred Sabrina.

“Please be careful,” pleaded Candy.

“I will.”

“We’ll leave first thing tomorrow.”


The next morning, Luna and Sabrina prepared to leave. Candy hugged Sabrina, she hugged her for so long that it seemed like she would never let her go. 

“Good bye, Ma.”

“Good bye, dear. Take care.”

Luna walked out the door and Sabrina followed her. They walked and walked until they eventually made it out of the woods. They haven't spoken much to each other since then. 

“Where do we go now?” Asked Luna.

“We have to head up east, but we should stop for the night because stopping on the way would be dangerous. There’s a lot of steep hills.”

“That’s ok.”

They set up camp and made fire. As they sat by the fire, they began to talk.

“How…How do you know so much about geography? I thought you hadn’t left the woods in the last 15 years?”

As soon as she said it, she regretted it. Luna realized that the question was very indestret. Sabrina could see the embarrassment in Luna’s face.

“It’s ok,” she said. “I know you didn’t mean it that way. The reason why I know so much is because I studied it a lot. My mom always showed me maps of the planet and I read many books about it too. I was so fascinated with everything and I’m so happy that I finally got to see it all.”

“Well, I’m glad,” Luna responded.

“So, what about you? I mean I know you're like a princess, so do you basically do nothing all day?” Sabrina teased.

“Ha ha, very funny,” said Luna sarcastically. “I actually also study a lot but more about things like diplomacy and ruling and well things that have to do with being a Queen.”

“That sounds nice.” Said Sabrina. “Just out of curiosity. Why is your name Luna? Doesn’t that mean moon?”

“Yeah it does. You see the name of our planet is Aestrea but I never really understood that because our planet is orbited by over 100 moons orbiting it. That’s why my mom named me Luna.”

“Wow. That’s pretty cool.”

Luna and Sabina sat by the fire and talked for a long time and laughed together. They enjoyed each other’s company and became good friends.

“Are you sure we’re on the right track?” Asked Luna.

“Trust me. We’re on the right track. Don’t worry. We’ll have your Kingdom safe in no time.”

“I hope you’re right.”

Luna and Sabrina walked and walked the next day, Sabrina led them. They arrived at Mount Astroy.

“We’ll we’re here!” Announced Sabrina.

“Yeah but don’t we still have to climb the mountain?” Asked Luna.

“Luna, I know I don’t really know my father but my mother always did tell me this one thing. She said that he was as lazy as lazy could get. The most work he’s ever done is trying to take over the Kingdom. Anyways, I don’t think he would make his lair on a tall mountain. We should search the bottom. There may be a cave or something.”

Luna agreed and they searched. 

“Look,” said Sabina. “It's an entrance.”

They walked in.

“You sure this is it?”

“I really don’t know.”

A soon as they entered, a door shut behind them. 

“WHO DARES COME INTO MY LAIR!?” Said a shallow voice coming from behind them.

Sabina and Luna turned around and there he was again. The man in the long dark cloak. What happened next was something that Luna would never be able to forget, something that would hurt her in a way she had never been hurt before. In that instant Sabrina grabbed Luna. She grabbed her hands behind her back and tied them together. Luna was in so much shock that she wasn’t even able to move. 

“Dad! Dad! It’s me, Sabina, your daughter!”


“Remember, Candy, your wife. I’m your daughter. Look what I brought you. It’s Luna. She’s the next heir to the throne, the daughter of my uncle. Look, see. Now we can be a family again.”

Cenjiz had no interest in his daughter and paid barely any attention to her but he was overjoyed to have Luna in his clutches. So, he played along.

“Ahh, yes. Of course I remember you. And yes, thank you for bringing her. Now, stand to the side. Sabrina moved over. Immediately, a cage fell over Luna. 

“I knew you’d come looking for me. You’re just like your father. Uhh…you really thought YOU could stop ME?! Tell me Sabrina, however did you manage to capture her?”

“It wasn’t that hard. I just told her I would lead her to you and help her stop you.”

Cenjiz burst out laughing.

“HAHAHA!!! I should have known. You really thought you could stop me and you really thought you could trust someone. You really are just like your father. How do you think he died? He thought he could trust a soldier in the other army when he told him that he was on his side and he didn’t really want to fight him. It seems you’ve made the same stupid miskate. I told your father many times he was far too gullible, and I guess his daughter is too. HAHAHA. And you thought you could really be a good queen. HAHAHA. Well, you failed. Now, you’ll face the consequences.” 

He ordered Sabrina to lock Luna in a room he had. She was hesitant but reluctantly agreed. Luna was still unable to speak, she was so shocked at what she had seen and heard. 

“Ha. This room will slowly be filled with oxygen(The humans on this planet breathe in no oxygen thus they can’t breathe in oxygen.) In an hour, you’ll be gone and your Kingdom will be mine.” 

“So Dad…are you going to go back to mom so we can be a happy family?!”

“HAHAHA! You fool! I never loved you. I simply used you stupid!”

“But I…I. If it wasn’t for you would have never gotten ahold of Luna!”

“Watch it!”

“I can’t believe I really thought you were good. Everyone told me you were evil, and…and I didn’t listen. Now I’ve betrayed the only friend I’ve ever had and you…you”

“Calm down. Maybe you should listen to other people. Now GET OUT OF HERE unless you also want to be suffocated.”

Sabrina ran out of the lair. 

Luna sat there in the prison, all alone, her hands tied behind her back. She felt so defeated. How…how could I have trusted Sabrina? Why did I think I could do this? Now that I'll be gone, there'll be no one else to crown. Cejiz will have the Kingdom. I failed. Why, WHY did I think I could do this. Mama was right, this was too dangerous. I…I just wish I would have known. Luna sat there, sobbing. Every 5 minutes she found it a little harder to breathe. 

“I GIVE UP!” She yelled.

Luna huffed and puffed, she was really struggling to breathe. She let herself fall on the floor and as she did, something fell out of her pocket. huh, she thought. It was Papa’s notebook, the one that her grandmother had given her. She picked it up and read the title, “TO BE A LEADER.” Luna sobbed even more. 

“NO. I can’t be a leader. I failed, just like you did Papa. Uncle Cengiz was right.”

She threw the book to the floor but as it fell it opened up to a page. Luna couldn’t help but read the page. She read out loud.

“Dear Journal, what I have learned today is that even though I have always been taught to listen to others… Yes, I’ve been taught that a good leader is also a good listener. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone is worth listening to. Growing up, my brother always teased me and told me I was far too gullible or that I would never make it as King. At the time, it really impacted me and hurt me. But now, I understand that I didn’t have to listen to him. It seems contrary to what I have been told but it is what I learned today.”

Luna felt so moved by what she read. Indeed, her father was wise. She turned to the next page to read some more. 

“Dear Journal. Today I learned about a very important topic: forgiveness. I learned that a leader or king(or queen) must always be ready to forgive when the repentance is genuine.”

Reading that, Luna remembered the situation she was in. She was suddenly motivated to not give up and get out of there. She jammed and jammed on the door and looked to see if there was any possible way out. She struggled and struggled, but in vain. Finally, she was so out of breath that she couldn’t stand up anymore. She fell and laid there on the ground, now she really couldn’t breathe. As soon as Luna thought it was over, she heard something. The door of the prison was beginning to open. Sabina stood outside the door. She ran in and grabbed Luna and pulled her out of the prison. She managed to help her make it to the outside of the mountain lair. Luna was so light headed that she could barely remember how it happened. By the time she was fully conscious again, she was sitting outside with Sabrina, trying to catch her breath again.

*HUFF, PUFF, HUFF, PUFF* “What…huff…do you…puff…want?” asked Luna. She couldn’t understand why Sabina had come back for her. 

“I…I’m so…so sorry. I…I didn’t want to hurt you. I just wanted my dad to love me. But he doesn’t and I don’t care. I should have never done that. You’re the only friend I’ve ever had and I can’t believe I did this to you. I am really sorry,” Sabrina sobbed. 

Luna was still upset. She had trusted Sabina and she had betrayed her. Luna wasn't  sure about whether or not to forgive Sabina. But then she remembered back to what she had read in Papa’s notebook.

“I…I…I forgive you. It’s ok.”

“What?! No, it’s not ok. I’m so sorry. How can you possibly forgive me?!” Sabina sobbed harder.

“Well, I learned that ‘I learned that a leader or king(or queen) must always be ready to forgive when the repentance is genuine.’” Luna quoted her father. She put her hand on Sabina’s shoulder and assured her it was OK. The two made amends and became good friends again. 

“So…how are we going to do this?”

“We have to go back to my palace and get my mom and all the royal guards.” 

“But, wouldn’t your mom be mad at you for coming here on your own.”

“Heck yeah but we need to do this. I can’t do this on my own, and I’m learning to accept that.”

“Ok well, I hope you know the way back because from here to the palace I’m lost.”

“Yeah, I think I can figure it out.”

Luna and Sabina walked all the way back to the palace. This took them about 2 days. During those two days, their friendship grew and they plotted how they were going to defeat Cenjiz. By the time they reached the palace, they had everything all planned out. 

“Well, we’re here.”

“Ahh! So this is the Palace. It’s nice. I don’t remem-”

“LUNA?!” Exclaimed Luna’s mother as she came running from the palace to see her.

She ran to her and wrapped her arms around her, Luna did the same.

“I’m so sorry mom, but I had to,” Luna cried.

“I know, I know. I’m so proud of you.” Cried Luna’s mom.

“You…you are?” 

“Yes, of course. You’re so brave…just like your father.”

Luna and her mom cried tears of joy. But them. Luna remembered why they had come in the first place.

“Mama, we found Cengiz. He’s built a lair inside mount Astroy. We…we tried to fight him but we couldn’t alone. I need you and the royal guard. We have a plan.”

“Wait…who's we?” Asked Mama.

“Oh Mama, meet Sabina. She’s my cousin, uhh…well….uncle Cenjiz’s daughter. But she’s on our side. She rescued me and now we came back to tell you our plan.”

Mama was a little taken by surprise to see her long lost niece. Nevertheless, she trusted Luna and was very warm and welcoming to Sabina. 

“Thank you, Sabina.”

“Mama, Sabina said she heard uncle Cenjiz say that he plans an attack tonight. We have to be ready. He’s really quite powerful, but we can do it.” 

They gathered all the royal guards and all the people of the Kingdom and told them the plan. They would be ready.

It was midnight when Cengiz appeared. I was hiding in a bush at the entrance of the castle, when he appeared. Again in his same long dark cloke. He started to walk towards the entrance of the castle. That’s when I jumped out.

“Halt!” I said.

“How dare you. I thought I was finished with you.” He said.

“Guess not.” I tried tripping him with a long branch I held. That's when all the people and guards came out. 

“Ha. You’re really here to fight me with sticks.Pathetic!”

In that instant she turned into a fire breathing dragon and shot fire all over the palace. The palace was on fire. Mama ordered ½ the guards to work on putting it out but now we had less to help us fight. 

“Seriously. Just give up. You can’t do it. You can’t.”

“I’m not listening!” I said as I threw a spear. All the guards then threw theirs. He was injured but not dead. He then turned back into his human form.

“Ha. That's really all you got.”

“LUNA, CATCH!” Yelled Sabina as she threw a thing that looked very much like a rock. I caught it and threw it to the feet of my uncle. He picked up the “rock” and  burst out laughing.

“HAHAHA! Ok so now you throw rocks at me?! HAHA!”

“It’s not a rock.”

“Hahah. Don’t play games.”

Then we all ran, all the guards, people, and Mama and myself to get behind a hill that was near the palace.

“Yes, RUN!” laughed Cengiz, thinking he had won and we were running from him. Little did he know that it wasn’t a rock he had picked up but a teleporting device. That device would teleport anyone from within a 100 yards distance into a deep prison cave that was placed at the bottom of the sea. The prison itself was in a cave that wasn’t full of water but it was impossible to get out of there because no one could hold their breath for 3 hours to swim back to the top. And the device never teleported anyone back. 

The device then began glowing but by the time Cengiz realized what it actually was, it was too late. 

“I told you it wasn’t a rock. Maybe you should listen to what people tell you.” I said and chuckled. 

Then in an instant. He was gone. Nothing but his long dark cloak was left. I still don’t know why that too wasn’t teleported. Perhaps it was the source of his power.  

I hugged my mom and Sabina, we did it!

It had been 10 years since the brave young princess and her friend stopped the evil Cengiz. Now princes Luna was Queen of Astrea and Sabina had a place on the royal council. They remained close friends. Luna was a good leader, a good ruler. She had learned so much from her younger years. But even still, she continued to learn more. She often referred back to Papa’s notebook. From there, she had learned the most valuable lessons. 

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