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Making A Kid Cry

November 4, 2016
By carterkid, waterford, Michigan
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carterkid, Waterford, Michigan
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It was my third year of wrestling and I was at a JV tournament with the rest of the JV team. It was the biggest tournament of the year so far, there were about 12 other schools there in total and it was a two loss elimination tournament. My first match that day was fairly easy, my opponent had just started wrestling that year and I pretty much just toyed with him most of the match, took him down with some slick moves and let him back up to take him back down, racking up points before ending the match by pinning him. That match was easy as pie. It was no more than 20 minutes before I heard my name over the announcements to get ready for my next match.The fact that it was so early stunned me. I jogged over to the green and white mat that I was on deck for and started to warm up by stretching and jumping. While I was warming up I was also watching the match going on before mine.

I noticed another kid warming up for the match so I went over to him and asked, “Are you up next on this mat?”
He said he was and I told him that I was too and wished him luck during our match and he responded with, “Yeah whatever kid.” In a very annoyed and c***y voice.
“He seemed like he was really really really happy.” I thought to myself. I never met a wrestler that acted like such a jerk, it was weird because before this all wrestlers had been nice and I thought that's how I figured all were, and I realized that he was gonna be mean in the match.

The match going on ended and the referee raised the victors hand and they ran off the mat so I headed over to the table to check in. I got my ankle bracelet and went out to the mat and stretched a bit for the match. We get set on the lines and the referee blows the whistle and the match starts. Before I even realize what's going on the other kid was already taking me down. I had never been taken down so quickly and at that moment I started to worry that this might be my first loss of that day. I knew that I had to win that match because I was gonna win that tournament, I wasn't going to settle for a loss this early on, you never quit until it’s one hundred percent over with. Once we were both on the ground I spun around and threw a reversal and got behind him tying up the match 2-2. I push his arms out from under him and get him to his stomach on the ground and try to flip him to his back but he spins out and stands up. The referee blows the whistle a few moments later.
I win the coin toss for choice of second round and I chose down. It takes me only a moment to get up to my feet. When I turn to face him he fakes a shot and snaps me down. He puts be in a front headlock and trys to throw my head so he can get to my back but I resist and keep him in front of me. I can tell that my resistance is angering him which surprised me because people don't usually act on their anger in matches. It was surprising and confusing to me, this kid was different. He picks one of my arms up and he runs my head towards it but this time instead of just running it he brings his knee up to my face every time hitting me as hard as he can. It hurts really bad getting pounded in my face by this kids knees but the referee either can’t see it or decides just not to call it for some reason. I delt with it for a bit expecting the referee to stop it but once I realized he wasn’t gonna do anything I took things into my own hands.
At this point I was done being nice so the moment he breaks for a second to catch his breath I stand up and put him into a headlock and throw him over my shoulder onto his back on the mat. While he is fighting to get off his back I pin his arm against his head and force it across his face. I squeeze it as hard as I can being for sure that he won’t be able to escape from it because he had made me mad and in just a few moments he starts crying and begging the referee to stop the match saying that he cannot breathe. I notice that I am really hurting the kid and I start to feel bad about what I am doing. I loosen my grip on the headlock and move his arm out of his face, I put his shoulder down to the mat and finished the match with a pin.

When I get up from the mat I reach my arm out to help my opponent up from his back because I felt bad for hurting him so badly. The referee puts us on the mat again to raise my hand and to shake hands, but instead of shaking his hand I give him a hug and tell him, “That was a great match and that I didn’t mean to hurt you dude I'm sorry.”
“Thanks for the apology and I'm sorry too, I didn't mean to knee you in the face I was just angry.” he responds. He also wishes me luck on for the rest of the tournament. I tell him the same and also that if I hear his name over the speakers that I’ll come to watch his match and cheer him on, and I did whenever I heard his name. We hung out a lot of that tournament, and he told me why he had gotten mad and came off rude when we first met. He told me how his father had just died a few weeks ago coming home from work I had made a new friend and made a kids day. One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that you can change somebodys day so easily. Something so simple could mean the world to somebody else. Put effort into helping others and it will pay off.

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