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My Personal Novel

January 28, 2022
By Anonymous


After writing and typing many ideas I chose to write about myself and the challenges and events that I have experienced in my lifetime. My spark came from me trying to come up with ideas or things that I know a lot about and that I could write numerous pages on, and while doing so I got the idea to just write about me and things i have done. I'm writing this to express myself in a way I don't usually do. I want this narrative to summarize important parts of my life, things I did to make me who I am now, and even people that I've met along the way. I want to include events of all types whether happy, sad or even good or bad. I'm adding things like this because not every story or narrative is all sunshine and candy, we all face some type of obstacle that falls in our path throughout the journey.

The form that would best fit this would be a personal narrative, since it's about me and it will be told from my perspective. The people who would be interested in reading my personal narrative would be people around my age or people who just want to get to know me better.


My Personal Novel

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