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Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

August 2, 2017
By goldilocksgold BRONZE, Steubenville, Ohio
goldilocksgold BRONZE, Steubenville, Ohio
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It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then it's hilarious.


“I started running and that helped me lose weight faster than just dieting, and it was good for a while, until I got to the point where it was an insatiable hunger. When you’re not doing it for your health, when you’re doing it for your body image or a desire to feel love where you don’t feel love, in areas where people don’t know that you need love, when that’s your motivation, you will never be satisfied because the real problems aren’t actually being handled.”
“But in my mind, because I didn’t feel loved, whatever I saw in the mirror wasn’t going to be good enough for me.” -- Jane


Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

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