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Faces of Death

February 3, 2011
By elaine_forsaken SILVER, Pagadian City, Pennsylvania
elaine_forsaken SILVER, Pagadian City, Pennsylvania
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Life ends. That’s a fact. We don’t know when or how but it surely will. We will all experience Death. It is a common phenomenon that everyone will experience. This ferocious monster will just grab us from behind and pull us down to our graves. Taking us from our loved ones to far far away place that going back is merely impossible.

Everyday there are so many people dying with different reasons. Some dies in vain. They died because of famine and other worthless deaths just because of their misfortunes in life. Life may have seem unfair to them while they’re still alive until to their last breathe. I They could have a better life yet still they have all died.

Some dies because of unexpected accidents. Those people are the victims of those tragic and natural disasters. Vehicular accidents and natural calamities that killed a large number of people. They could have been saved from it yet still they have all died.

Some dies because of mild and serious illnesses. Some of them already received a life limit by their doctors because of their disease. It may include cancer, TB and other sever diseases that threatens the life of everyone. Some just dies in an instant even with the simplest existing disease. They have spent money and time in the hospitals yet still they have all died.

Some just died with an unknown cause. Some just vanished to who-knows-where. Some got killed. Others just ended their lives with their own hands. They can live a happier life in the future yet still they have all died.

Death is a mystery. No one knows when or how it will come after you. One thing for sure is, it will hunt us down because no one can escape death. We will all surely die like those people mentioned before. Are u ready to face it? To face your final destination?

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