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September 28, 2007
By Anonymous

“Butterfly is like life, a beast, and ya gotta tackle it like life, head on, balls out, all or nothing!” Coach Jen says as she is giving me a pep talk before the conference meet right as we pull into the parking lot of the high school. “Now, I wanna see you go out there and kick butt!”
“Natural way with words……” between coughs. I’m not feeling too great today, I’m sick, and when I get sick, my body becomes an air cannon. I’m thinking it’s either this sign or the thousand yard butterfly practices I endured last week.

“Hey, show her some respect!” Nick says.
He’s a freshman, new to swimming, and doesn’t have the bond Jen and I share; after a day of ridiculously rude students, she enjoys joking around with me. It always puts a smile on her face.
A few events pass until it’s time for my major event, the 100 yards Butterfly, so I talk to Jen. “Bury the head, big arms!” Jen says. I repeat it rhythmically.
The announcer says, “Event 17, Men’s 100 yards Butterfly.”
“Remember, this is a Varsity event, so go kick ass. I know you can!”
I’m shocked that Jen just said this; it puts even more pressure on me.
So I race. I win my heat. I talk to Coach Jen and Coach Bob. Then I vomit.
Will this slow me down? Well, only in the bathroom…
As I walk out of the bathroom I hear on the sound system, “Event 19, Men’s 200 Freestyle Relay.”
I anchor the 200 yard freestyle relay, and our relay places.
I realize I beat out the slowest swimmer in the heat faster than me, making me place 16th. I scored 1 point, but, a point nonetheless. It was the point that earned my varsity letter.

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You should put more of yourself into the essay. If I were the admissions officer I wouldn't know you any better than before reading the essay. Cool story but show more of your thoughts and how this event effected YOU (if it did... if not make something up anyway).