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My Community

October 22, 2007
By Anonymous

For the past four years I have lived, competed, learned, and succeeded with kids from all over the world. I live in a community where adults aren’t expected to tell you what to do, you’re expected to know what to do, and you do it. In these past four years I have been shaped into a creative yet modest leader that can succeed in any situation, a leader that can succeed at the University at Buffalo.

Most high school students don’t know what it means to live in a dorm with 150 guys. As an incoming freshman having to share a room with someone else you don’t know is daunting. When learning to live with my roommate I had to learn to be respectful of him and his culture. As long as we could respect one another I knew we could get along and we were able to enjoy our time together becoming good friends.

Living behind the corn silk curtain of Indiana we have the necessity and opportunity to create our own fun. We don’t have large movie theaters, shopping malls, sports arenas, or a large downtown, so hopping in the car and going to one is not an option. Pick up games in the field and hanging out with friends is what we are often found doing. I often find myself on Saturday afternoons running around campus finding people for a pick up game of football or to learn how to play a different sport such as rugby or lacrosse. Friday and Saturday nights are no different, just going outside and hanging out with friends creating your own fun beats sitting in a movie theater.

Although every team dreams of being victorious it is simply not the case. Long bus rides back after a loss are something our rugby team dreads, however, I have found that my sense of humor helps lighten the mood. As we pile onto the bus, heads bowed in shame, it doesn’t take long before one can hear me crack a joke springing a smile onto everyone’s face. I have found that being able to lighten the mood or even being able to tell a joke can make someone’s day and is a trait I am happy to have.

During these past four years at Culver I have learned how to use my talents to better the community in which I live, a community that closely resembles that of a university. Whether it’s through my creativity in and out of the class room, my modesty when respecting others and their cultures, or through my humor when lightening the mood, I know I have made a positive impact on my school. Knowing this I’m certain that I would be a positive contribution to the entering freshman class at the University at Buffalo. I’ve been away from home for the first time already and I have succeeded thanks to my talents. I know I can succeed again being the new kid at the University at Buffalo.

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