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Super Smash Bros.

October 31, 2007
By Anonymous

If you hear various noises coming from my room: “waah,” “yahoo,” “ahhhh,” “noooo,” “dang it,” “yes” that’s the sound of people playing the video game Super Smash Bros. My older brother Joseph, his friends, as well as myself, would spend countless hours beating the snot out of each other in this game.

The whole concept of the game is to choose one of several characters from throughout Nintendo’s history and smash your opponents off the stage by any means possible. The violence of the game can become so intense that the entire on screen sight looks like a sea of flames.

The people my brother and I usually played with were T.J. and Randy. Sometimes we played with some other people other than T.J. and Randy like Tucker or any of our younger brothers.

The characters we choose are usually the same: Link for Joe and Randy, Samus for T. J., and Mario or Fox for me.

Every now and then someone wins a bunch of games, which causes us in real life to go berserk and start yelling at each other or start a fist fight between us due to the competitiveness of the game. This can cause a tussle between Joe and Randy due to their being the best players. T.J. and I aren’t as bad because T.J. doesn’t care as much and I’m more level-headed than the rest of them.

Once we were playing Super Smash Bros. at T.J.’s house and his mother came in to get some laundry and noticed the rankness. “It smells like a locker room in here,” she exclaimed. We all looked at each other and then at the empty bean dip cans.

We’re as addicted to Super Smash Bros. as a druggy is addicted to pot, and there is no online feature until the next game comes out.

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