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Individual Pursuit of Posterity

November 29, 2007
By Anonymous

In order for each person to pursue their individual pursuit of posterity our society much have equal opportunites so that we can have equal rights to pursue the same goals as anyone else.
Growing up in a poor family and knowing the struggles of the world, I have grown up with the positive attitude and realized that I wanted to make a difference in the world.
In my view of society, people tend to volunteer for a number of different reasons but I have always desired to extend the methods of the greater good of my community. Visualizing the hurt of the world changed my perspective of life making me want to reach out and take on harder challenges then the rest.
To me volunteering wasn’t just a meaningful experience but a way to get out of my comfort zone and step out into a world of uncertainty; by believing I could better my community.
In order for me to achieve the goal of me reaching out to my community, I knew I was going to have to have a great character; I was going to have to be a great leader.
That’s why I started Becca’s Closet at South Dade Senior High School. Becca’s Closet as stated in their mission statement was created as a legacy to Rebecca Kirtman and the project she started. Their mission is my mission and it is to continue her vision and dream of helping others. It was started to help unfortunate teenagers that was and still is in need of formal attire for their Homecoming and/or Prom event.
I wanted to start this organization to help Rebecca’s mission and because this organization helped me doing my unfortunate time in my junior year of high school because I couldn’t afford a dress. My Homecoming was amazing because someone decided to help spread kindness, at Braddock Senior High School, for starting this organization at his or her school. Looking apron the sacrifices this individual made me want to be the person to put a smile on someone face. I just wanted to be able to give back to teenagers that were in the same situation I was in. Starting this was a dream come true.
I just recently started Becca Closet and because of it I have had personal growth. I realized that I am a great leader always being patient and tolerant, being committed to setting the goal of being excellent, maintaining the highest standards and never giving up and trying not to let anyone down. I am now more compassionate towards people because I understand how life is different for each individual, that you shouldn’t judge anyone without knowing them first.
Volunteering for me in general I have learned that the feeling of achieving something is a sense of accomplishment which lives in me and makes me keep coming back and giving my all in order to make someone’s day. I walk the talk and in doing so earn the true authority of respect from my peers and makes others want to follow in the footsteps of myself. I just know that I doing the right thing by dedicating myself to improving my community.

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