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Global Warming

December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

Global warming is a real problem that needs to be stopped. A way to help prevent global warming is to use solar panels to reduce gas bills and gas use. Another way is to use better milaged cars. Carpooling and combing trips also helps prevent global warming.
Solar panels obsorb the energy produced by the sun and it is used later for energy for heating and electricity. Using gas for heat and electricity is expensive and dangerous. However, solar panels are less expensive and help the ozone layer. For example, if we use gas to power our ovens, instead of using solar energy, our gas bills will get larger and so will the gap in the ozone. Friends of my parents use solar panels and they say it helps a lot because they feel good about helping the environment.
People today will buy cars that take up two parking spaces, such as a Hummer or an SUV when they don’t need to. These cars take up way too much fuel than compared to the Hybrid or Volkswagon. If we buy smaller, more fuel efficient cars, global warming would probably not be that big of a deal. Unfortunatly, people do buy SUVs and Hummers and we wind up with a giant hole in our atmosphere! Buying better milaged cars will help conserve energy we get from fossil fuels.
Carpooling is another great way to prevent global warming. If you are going somewhere and your neighbor is going to the place, carpool and save gas. My nieghbors and I carpool every where, to parties, soccer games, and even to and from after school activities. Combing trips by running errands in one place at one time helps also. My mother and neighbor go shopping together and get all of the groceries or clothes they need to. It saves fuel, time, and the environment.
As I said before, global warming is a real problem that needs to be stopped. If we use solar panels, use better milaged cars, and combine trips or carpool, we can help stop global warming.. Acting now will help people in the future live with no worries.

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