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Michigan State

February 9, 2010
By BrittanyP BRONZE, Hanover, Michigan
BrittanyP BRONZE, Hanover, Michigan
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Michigan State University is one of the biggest Universities in Michigan. It is also known internationally as a major U.S public University. The University was founded in 1855 in what is today, East Lansing. It is three miles from the state capital. It has a 5,200 acre campus, and 577 buildings. I am considering Michigan State for one of my college options.

At Michigan State, they are in the Big Ten Conference. They have 12 intercollegiate sports for men, and 13 for women. They are also have one of the largest intermural programs in the nation. The average GPA for athletes of spring 2008 was above 3.0, so you must have really good grades to be able to be an athlete.

Michigan State offers 200 programs of study. State has very many people attending from all over, they have people from all counties in Michigan, they have students from every state in the U.S and students from about 130 other countries World wide.

Some of their programs for other countries include; African Studies, Asian Studies, Canadian studies, China programs, European studies, and Caribbean studies. That shows how many students from all over the world can be apart of Michigan State University. Michigan State has so many programs for so many people, including online classes, it has a very pretty campus filled with lots of things to do, and events for your spare time. Michigan State University is a great college to consider if you want a great education.

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on May. 12 2011 at 8:20 am
GrandmasCookies41911 BRONZE, Haslett, Michigan
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Michigan State is the bomb! good job.