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University of Dayton

March 28, 2010
By Elizabeth Wilkens BRONZE, Canfield, Ohio
Elizabeth Wilkens BRONZE, Canfield, Ohio
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The University of Dayton has everything a student looks for in college. It offers endless opportunities and wonderful academics. As being a beautiful and private school, the University of Dayton is a perfect place to call home.

Although not too big, The University of Dayton is not too small. It has a student population of 10,395 students. The majority of these students live on campus, which provides a fun and lively student life. Any student who attends this university will fit in and feel at home.
The University of Dayton has a beautiful campus located in a pleasant neighborhood only minutes away from downtown Dayton, Ohio. On campus, a student will feel safe and surrounded by friends. It has beautiful brick buildings, manicured green grass, and clean brick walkways. If students have a desire to leave campus, there are many wonderful things to do around the city of Dayton. Students get the best of both worlds—a city atmosphere and a safe, small campus.

Clean living arrangements are often important to students, and the University of Dayton offers them. After this summer, every student dormitory will be renovated, making everything cleaner and newer. Each floor has a private and maintained community bathroom. The University of Dayton offers something that many other college and universities do not. It has houses that students have the privilege of living in once they become juniors. Students can choose from a four person house up to an eight person house. All of the student houses are directly on campus and are in the process of being renovated. Clean, nice living space is exactly what you can expect at Dayton.

When just looking at the cost, the University of Dayton may appear pricy. Since it is a private university, it is a little more expensive than a public in-state university. The overall tuition is $36,970 per year, but it offers a lot of scholarship and grant money to students in need. Potential students should wait to see the scholarships they earn before being distracted by the cost.

The University of Dayton is a Catholic, Marianist University that has an exceptional engineering program. As a Catholic university, religion and education are very important. Dayton has a competitive engineering program; sophomore engineering students are encouraged to join the co-op program. This program is great because it allows a student to earn money and gain work experience from a company he or she may work for after college. Dayton also offers a five year program for students interested in chemical engineering. In this program a student will co-op for two semesters while earning his or her undergraduate degree and master’s degree. The student’s tuition will be free in the fifth year of studying if he or she chooses to enroll in this program. This is a great program that is not offered in many places. The University of Dayton is a Catholic university that offers great opportunities for students interested in engineering.

With a beautiful campus, clean housing, and an enjoyable atmosphere, the University of Dayton makes a perfect new home. Through its religious and academic philosophies, it teaches students not only valuable information, but also life lessons. It is the perfect place for a student to excel and reach his or her goals.

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