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An Opportunity of a Lifetime

March 28, 2010
By Donnie Allison BRONZE, Canfield, Ohio
Donnie Allison BRONZE, Canfield, Ohio
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Stuck at a major crossroad? Not sure where to take the next major step on the journey called life? Millions of high school seniors across the country every year are faced with the difficult decision of selecting a career to pursue at an institution that would help give them the best chance to be successful. With today’s unpredictable economy, it is imperative to consider all of the numerous key factors that fuse together to make up the identity of each and every college and university before committing to any school. After doing a little research and college shopping, one will notice the many great opportunities at Ohio Northern University. Year after year, this prestigious school ranks among the elite for its superior post high school educational experience, and high school graduates would be foolish to not further look into everything ONU has to offer with its wide range of specialized majors.

Determined, focused students would thrive in the small 300 acre “college town” of Ada, Ohio, since it does not tempt many of its young adults to veer off the path to success. Located in an extremely rural area in the northwest part of the Buckeye state, the newly-renovated campus helps guide its students away from distractions that could possibly hinder their chances of obtaining a degree. Well-known eating establishments are conveniently placed just outside the university, so scholars can still venture off to these cites as much as they want and not have to worry about losing too much of their precious time. Although it is not a flashy urban environment, the safe, tranquil, and peaceful atmosphere lets one feel right at home thanks to the sincere, genuine efforts of the people making up the humble town of Ada.

Like the actual city itself, the dormitory housing welcomes students into a comfortable setting, where they can relax day in and day out after a long day of rigorous work. There are several halls available, including an all male and an all female housing plan, to choose from. All of the rooms provide extra-long twin beds, telephones, three to five electrical outlets, carpeting, shelves, a desk, a chair, a towel rack, a mirror, and a closet along with ONU cable-TV service. Also, the other basic essentials, such as kitchens, microwaves, refrigerators, properly maintained restrooms with showers, and study lounges, can easily be found throughout the common areas of the buildings. New students can and will often attest to the fact that Ohio Northern truly goes the extra mile to create the best living conditions possible.

As a selective private university, ONU may seem to have a bit of a costly price for an education, but the tuition is higher than the average in order to maintain all of its facilities and to uphold its tradition of excellence. Depending upon one’s desired field of study, the total cost per year can fluctuate between $41,000 and $46,000 per year as of 2010. However, even if the prices would continue to rise over the years to come, students can at least have the satisfaction of knowing their costs will remain constant all the way through graduation. More importantly, more than ninety percent of the student body receives some type of financial aid discount via grants and scholarships. The high achieving students will also stay motivated to continue working hard in the classroom, knowing they may have the honor to be selected to participate in scholarship day, an opportunity to compete for an extra $10,000 off per year.

Even though the competitive private university is recognized for many great reasons, it is most famous for its academic environment that boasts five nationally ranked programs in Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, Engineering, Pharmacy, and Law. The inclusion of these five different, yet very popular programs could help persuade those entering college undecided about their specialized field of study, even if they were to switch majors down the road. Among these five departments, ONU is most known for its exceptional pharmacy program, which generates an eighty-five percent retention rate thanks to the six year direct entry plan. The state-of-the-art computer and science laboratories have assisted several major breakthroughs in research, and professors and students continue searching for answers to different problems. However, beyond all of its new, up-to-date equipment, ONU will always be remembered for its personable teaching staff that does everything in its power to help its students succeed.

Although the 207 full-time faculty members do an extraordinary job of teaching the valuable information needed to prepare the work force of tomorrow, the professors would be nothing without the dedicated student body found at Ohio Northern. The admissions team carefully reviews each resume to ensure it has picked the best students/citizens, so the legacy of ONU can continue to grow and expand. After taking all of this into account, approximately 3,700 students from forty-seven states and sixteen different countries are left with the opportunity to learn at one of the most fascinating institutions in the land. Despite the fact that ninety-two percent of the student population is a very homogenous group (composed of Caucasian males and females), forty percent of ONU students enter their freshmen year in the top ten percentile of their senior class. After calculating the 13:1 student to faculty ratio, it is no wonder why students are destined for success at Ohio Northern.

Academics are a main priority at ONU, as they rightfully should be at any college or university, but ONU also tries its best to create well-rounded individuals through several less traditional routes. Firstly, the school encourages all of its students to attempt some variation of the performing arts, whether or not they really are experienced singers, dancers, actors, or musicians. Also, a new interesting and less common organization called the Student Planning Committee regularly meets to discuss different ways to unite students and make new friends through different events held nearly every weekend. It is great to witness the young minds of the future initiating different activities to help establish a sense of togetherness at Ohio Northern since one can hope these leaders will incorporate their ideals to link the real world one day as well.

The process of searching for the “right” university and course of study leaves teenagers feeling stressed and worried about their futures more often than not with today’s global market. Anyone who has ever encountered this progression in life can relate to these feelings and sympathize with all of those currently involved in making some of these major life decisions. This is the truth because the veterans realize that the choices these teenagers make now will ultimately determine their destinies. These knowledgeable sources of information can now advise the young people of today to embrace the beginning of the many challenges that still lie ahead of them by looking in depth to the pros and cons of each school. Granted, no two people are exactly the same, and everyone may be inclined to their own personal preferences; however, ONU does a great job in accommodating students with all different types of interests, and for this reason, one should give an honest consideration about enrolling at Ohio Northern University.

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