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SUNY Suffolk County Community College

February 19, 2008
By Anonymous

SUNY Suffolk County Community College is a great two year school to start your education if you don't know what you want to do. When I first stepped foot onto Suffolk I was a little nervous about being a freshman in college thinking that you would get laughed at like you did in high school as a beginner and a freshmen. The things I was thinking were totally wrong, when I went into the building for Freshmen Orientation everyone was soo welcoming and greeted us in a great way. The professors and welcome comittee was so glad to have us there as new students. During my freshmen year I have become very involved on campus including (CAB) Campus Activities Board. (CAB) was defiently the place for me because you were able to help plan the events that is one of the things I enjoyed doing the most. While advertising for the events they became great events that people loved Halloween being our biggest and then there was Valentine's Day! If you are having trouble deciding what to do when you get out of high school and you live in the Suffolk County, New York area try out one of the three SUNY SUFFOLK COMMUNITY COLLEGES CAMPUSES including: Eastern, Ammerman and Grant. Great place to start and star over.

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