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   College Park, MD: The University of Maryland,located in suburban College Park, is a fairly large public university. The campus is only a 20-minute Metroride from Washington D.C. and a 40-minute drive from Baltimore, which gives students the opportunity toexperience both college and city life.

As soon as I drove through the brick gates, I knew I was inlove; the campus is beautiful. All the buildings are large brick structures with white columns. The sprawlinggreen lawns and flower-lined sidewalks make you feel like you are walking through a park.

Becauseit is such a large university, Maryland offers over 100 majors, and if they don't have a major you want,they'll help you create it! It also has special academic programs.

The school has many clubs andorganizations to join, including sororities and fraternities. It also has a football team and a great basketballteam, as well as many other sports. Maryland seems like a place where everyone is sure to find something.

Reviewed in 2000

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