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By Anonymous

   Kingston, RI: Just when I was about to give up finding the perfect college, I visited the University of Rhode Island. It is beautiful. The campus is gorgeous and the people are really friendly. I felt at home the second I stepped foot on the college grounds.

The campus lies in the middle of a quaint town, but within minutes you can find yourself among many other college students in the city. Transportation is not a

the college provides buses and vans to bring students to desired places. I really liked this because it gives you and your friends the option to hang out either at your school or to go out somewhere new and different.

I enjoyed the chance to sit in on a class. I thought that the professor was very intriguing and the class size was appropriate. The set-up of the lecture halls was not overwhelming at all, which gave me a feeling of comfort. I always wanted a school that was big enough to make a difference in my life, but not so big that I would be intimidated.

URI is filled with many opportunities that I hope to take full advantage of. f

Reviewed in 1995

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