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   Great Barrington, MA: After becoming dissatisfied with public high school and finding no private school to my liking, I decided to look into Simon's Rock College. A small liberal arts and sciences school in the Berkshires, Simon's Rock has an entering class which consists of students who left high school after 10th or 11th grade to start college. I visited the school on a Discovery Day (of which there are several on Saturdays during the spring). I met other prospective students, had lunch, got a tour of the campus, participated in a sample class, and had an interview. What really influenced my opinion of the school was the math class. I was impressed by the ability of the professor to create an interesting class for people with different backgrounds, and particularly enjoyed the interactive setting. I was not subjected to the dull lecturing that is prevalent in many high schools.

I was so thrilled with the class that I immediately decided this was where I wanted to be, and waited anxiously to hear that I was accepted. And now I have just completed my first year at Simon's Rock, and can provide some "insider" information.

While Great Barrington is a small town, it does not lack restaurants, has a movie theatre, bowling alley, and miniature golf course, as well as several quaint shops.

The campus, though small, is beautiful. In addition to the three dorms that resemble Pizza Hut buildings, there are several options for upper-class housing. All first-year students and some sophomores live in decent-sized doubles. There are many activities to get involved in, including music, dance, community service, and sports. There are several teams that compete against other schools, as well as plenty of non-team, non-competitive sports. The food is ... food.

Classes are interesting, and I've found many people who actually enjoy learning. The most students are very liberal, and theres eems less concern about and stress due to grades than I encountered in high school.

Because many students come to Simon's Rock viewing it as the only escape from high school, many transfer to other schools after earning an A.A. in two years. For those who earn a B.A., a senior thesis is required.

Simon's Rock is definitely a place to consider if you feel unchallenged, or simply bored, in high school. f

Reviewed in 1994

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