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   Syracuse, NY: The first thing you should know about Syracuse is that it is a sport-oriented school. The entire city seems to revolve around the fall football games, that is ... until basketball season rolls around. The Syracuse basketball team is pretty good, but in spite of whether or not is does well, it always has a lot of fans. After basketball season comes baseball season, right? Wrong. Syracuse is 100% lacrosse. I would recommend this University for all lacrosse players. No other city has as much support for lacrosse.

And for all you mall freaks, this is the place for you. There are three major malls in the area competing for your business. They all have carousels in them and tons of stores.

Of course, there are other aspects of Syracuse University that must be considered when you're thinking about going here. It has a decent science department. It's a medium sized city but the college is fairly big. I'd recommend checking out Marshal Street and Thornden Park. There are fraternities and sororities and lots of good parties, but then again there are at most other colleges too.

Syracuse has its fair share of international students and the city itself is pretty diverse.

Syracuse University also has a good school newspaper and a student-run radio station.

Before I finish and tell you that you have to go here because it's the best college I've ever seen, I must warn you about something , the weather. Last year Syracuse got approximately 180 inches of snow and the rain is just as bad. It doesn't take long to get used to and sometimes it can actually be fun to play in four feet of snow, but I'm just warning you.

So, no matter what your interest may be, Syracuse probably has something for you. f

Reviewed in 1994

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