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   Binghamton University: Binghamton, NY: Away from the big cities, away from the major highways traveling through the country, Binghamton University can be found. A college filled with roughly 12,000 students, situated on the gorgeous slope of a hill, it supports students who want a liberal arts education, as well as business and nursing schools for those students with specialty careers in mind.

I have had many chances to visit the college since my brother is a sophomore there. Whenever he writes me, he rambles and raves about the school and about the people! He has met all of his best friends there and even his future wife. Not bad!

He is a brother in a fraternity, and he said that if I go to this university, he'll force me to be a Greek brother. It doesn't sound too bad! The Greek life at Binghamton is said to be exceptional and the food is also great. Hey, the average freshman is said to gain 19 pounds. Or maybe it's from all the partying. But that's up to you.

Even though the university is located near three "nothing" towns, it is one of the most beautiful places to be. If you're looking for a competitive college in New York state, Binghamton is the place to be. f

Review by P. M., New City, NY

Reviewed in 1994

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