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Study Abroad and Home

January 25, 2019
By YUQIN_JIN BRONZE, Yancheng, Other
YUQIN_JIN BRONZE, Yancheng, Other
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The available data show that the number of people abroad has continued to grow rapidly, especially among young people recently. Today study abroad or home is becoming a famous question of volunteers even kids. With the development of science and technology, it is exactly a necessary experience to study from all over the world. So, if given you choice, are you willing to study abroad to know around the global village? Therefore, compared to only study at home, it is a good choice to study abroad because of education, environment and society.

On one hand, education abroad is mostly distinct from education at home because of the history of the Western and China. China is an ancient civilization with more than five thousand years of history while in history, the Western had experienced the industrial revolution. As to the limitation of the long history for China, people are always considering the past and their minds have been restricted. Whereas, the Western is eager to future and has a strong creativity. So, receiving oversea education is much of necessity to learn diverse values and make our interpretations mature.

On the other hand, different attitudes often depends on different environments. For instance, the atmosphere of every university is something about the culture of every university. New York University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics have relatively unique characters , though they are outstanding in finance. Furthermore, New York University which is in American is always on-limits while Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in China advocates square. Just because of this, the environments at the universities are various completely and students also have different minds. All in all, students who experience more whether studying abroad or training overseas during holidays often own many genres of thoughts.

Moreover, English has become a important role socially in our daily life recently all over the world. Going abroad for further study forces us to proficiency in written and spoken English. Whether in daily life or in class communication, English as second language is widely used to social and enrich our life. Not only study at home, it is also meaningful for us to broaden our horizons and improve our communication skills well. In general, only if we study abroad, i believe we can learn better.

As far as i am concerned, overseas studies have become a significant part so far. It could improve self-regulation, in constant difficulties to sum up experience, expand the field of vision. Also it has long been a trend. Many different elements gather together is the spark of thoughts. Further education, creative environment and unique society enhance the advantages to study abroad rather than at home.

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