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Review Writting

January 5, 2022
By Dhopwood BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Dhopwood BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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In Brookfield Square Mall there is a restaurant called Cooper's Hawk. One of the main things that set this restaurant different from others is that it is its own winery too 

My mom is also a server and I worked with her for around three years. So when it comes to restaurants my family knows what looks good and what looks bad, which we noticed at Cooper’s Hawk. 

When we sat there were dishes on tables around us still and when they would bus the tables they would just add all the dirty dishes to another table.

The service was also not great. Our server was really nice but it probably took close to an hour to get our food. We also didn't see much of our server the time we were there which wasn't good because I was looking for someone to get me more soda. 

to our surprise, the food was actually pretty good. I got a risotto dish with some short ribs in it. The food was still good, but it had a little weird texture and needed more seasoning. When I bite into it I remember it was chewy. I remembered risotto from Cocos Seafood and Steak was different and I loved the risotto from cocos so it was a little weird when I saw the other things in it. 

It's more of a high-end restaurant and they make their own brand of wine right there. You can look and see the barrels of wine. At our table when my mom and dad ordered a bottle of wine to have with dinner they brought this tap for the wine and apparently it filters the wine when you pour it out into a glass. It filters out the sediment from the barrel it came from.

Next, we checked out the vibe of the place. I remember this place having a cool bar area with tables and bar stools and cool lights hanging over the bar and there is also a mini shop inside where you can purchase the wine they have made. You can also look behind the hostess stand and see two barrels of wine, probably about 500-gallon barrels. I also remember it being darker inside. Like the lights were dimmed and the glass was darker. It wasn't black but it was tinted. The tables are also sort of close together. If you're looking for a good place to eat I recommend Cooper's Hawk. The food was great and my family enjoyed our time there.

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Its about a restaurant that we went to

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