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Now and Then

June 14, 2011
By SimplyRachel PLATINUM, Charlotte, North Carolina
SimplyRachel PLATINUM, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."
"Things change, friends leave, and life doesn't stop for anybody."
~Stepgen Chbosky

Don't you wish sometimes, that we could go back to when we were young?

When getting high only meant on the swings.
When something was wasted, it was food.
When the only guy you loved was daddy.
When Sesame Street was the best show on TV.
When grass actually meant grass.
When goodbye only meant until tomorrow.
When the only thing you had to worry about was which bikini to put on Malibu barbie and who GI Joe was going to fight next.
When a bloody nose was the worst thing that could happen to you.
When you little sibling calling you a meanie was the worst insult.
When that same sibling was the antagonist all the time.
When school talk was what game to play at recess.
When you were scared holding your favorite Teddy Bear made it better.
When you had to hold your parents hand to cross the street.
When you were afraid of the monsters under your bed.
When boys still had cooties.
When mommy could fix anything with milk and cookies.
When daddy could do anything.
When grandma was the best person in the world.
When the only pain you ever felt was falling and skinning your knee.
And when your favorite game was Cops And Robbers or House.
When the quiet girls were the innocent ones.

Now...its nothing like that. And it gets worse as we grow up. Now,
Getting high means on drugs.
Wasted on alcohol.
Now you love every boyfriend or girlfriend you have.
And shows like CSI New York rock the fav show list.
Grass, now means weed.
Goodbye, and you'll never know for how long.
Now everyone worries about the next party coming up.
And the worst thing that can happen, cannot be defined.
As for insults, it all depends on you.
To find the antagonists are found left and right and up and down.
And school talk is who's dating who and who's nerdy and who's not.
And everyone has gotten rid of their Teddy Bears.
And the only hand you hold is of your "significant other."
Now, your afraid of getting shot on your way to school.
And cooties are now STDs and AIDS.
And you don't want mama's cooking.
And dad cant fix a thing.
And grandma, she no longer rules.
The worst pain ever, for most is a broken heart.
And now, no one even plays games anymore.
And the quiet ones, are now the school s***s.

I will say i love being a teenager. With all its perks and everything. But take a moment and imagine life when you were a kid. I know your childhood may not be the best, but i also know it probably wasn't the worst, but wouldn't you give almost anything to go back and live it for one more day, before you grow up forever. I know i would. Growing up doesn't always have to mean leaving everything behind. Take the time, and remember the old days, before they fade away, completely.

The author's comments:
I was thinking about school and how I'm almost graduating and life in general. How so many things have changed from when i was little to now.And from all those thoughts, came this. This piece isn't like i normally write but i wanted to say it all.

This piece was also inspired by Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift.

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