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Emotional scars don't fade.

January 23, 2013
By UndefinedBeauty GOLD, Boston, Massachusetts
UndefinedBeauty GOLD, Boston, Massachusetts
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“The realities of the world affected me as visions, and as visions only, while the wild ideas of the land of dreams became, in turn,—not the material of my everyday existence—but in very deed that existence utterly and solely in itself.” -Edgar A. Poe

There is this girl in my school who sits alone every breakfast and lunch. She is not very social because everyone judges her and refuses to talk to her because she is a "Freak who burns herself." I would watch her sit alone every lunch, her tray of slop in front of her as she rested her head against her hand. Sometimes, in the morning, she would cry. She would toss her food slowly around with her spoon and just sit there, buried in her thoughts and hopes for a better life. I always felt bad for her, but I never really did anything about it, because I had my own problems, and I had to try hard enough to fit in, but I was selfish and only cared about fitting in, not for her sake.

People around me always call her names, and finally, I just got sick of it. There were these two girls on the same T-Bus as me, talking about her, and I just listened until I exploded.
One of the girls made a futile remark that led to me losing it.
This girl said, "-Her name here- is so unwanted. She f***ing burns herself because she is too much of a coward to just socialize. She is good for nothing, and I hope she dies in a hole, and I hope that stupid girlfriend of hers that she was texting in class dies with her."

I looked over at them and replied, "She is not unwanted, she is one of a kind. She can draw really good and she is nice, but your ignorance to her issues make you unfit to judge. She burns herself because of intolerant girls like you. You don't know how she feels. No one does. Not even me. So, It isn't your business. Shut up! And also, her relationship does not have anything to do with you."

They rolled there eyes, called me a few names and got off at the nearest stop. After that day, I sat with her at lunch and breakfast. I don't sit with my "friends" anymore. I realized that I don't have to keep buying new sneakers, clothes and anything else that was in style, because then those kids would just like me because I have money, and that's it.

This girl is not in all my classes, but I will defend her in any way I can. If I can't I will comfort her.

I have been a victim to intense bullying, and now, I still am. I am different, and since I used to also cut myself, It won't ever fully stop. Scars don't ever go away, but they do fade. But emotional scars, they never fade. They worsen.

Stop bullying! Too many teenagers are committing suicide due to it.

You can save a life if you stand up against bullying. It's as simple as sitting with someone who is being bullied, or even saying two words that can help them.

"I'm here."

The author's comments:
Stop Bullying! It isn't okay, and it isn't funny. Never judge someone if you don't know their story.

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