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January 23, 2013
By Madison Hartl BRONZE, Chisholm, Minnesota
Madison Hartl BRONZE, Chisholm, Minnesota
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I thought that the only pain I could feel would be through words I could hear
But, looking at the screen that’s not how things appear
“I hate you. Kill yourself” I slowly read the words
And they fly around my head like little chirping birds

I look down at the ground, my heart begins to hurt
Why would anyone be so cruel to make me feel like dirt?
What had I done wrong to make them so mean?
Was it something I had said or something I had seen?

The tears begin to fall and my heart slowly breaks
My mind is tired and numb, just like my heart it surely aches
I wrap my head around this mess and turn off the computer screen
As I go to stand up my phone begins to ring

My best friend is calling me about the posts she’s just seen
She knows that I am sad about the entire ugly scene
She whispers kind words and tells me it’s okay
With every word she says to me, my pain begins to go away

When I am collected I carry on my way
They yell at me in the hallway
But their words disappear
My heart knows kindness, it is full of cheer

With my friends beside me there is nothing I will fear
No matter what they will do or the words that I hear
I’m lucky for who I am and I face the halls as brave
My friends and me together each other we will save

The author's comments:
My best friend was bullied almost exactly like this. I stood by her the entire time and we were fearless in the hallway.

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