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How Cool Is This?

March 12, 2008
By Anonymous

How Cool Is This?

At West Jordan High School, we have some pretty neat kids, and some pretty neat coaches. Our baseball season just started, and as a team, we deciced to something together to help build us up as a team, and bring us closer as a team. We had a ton of ideas, but one of them really stuck out to us.
one of our coaches works at a place where they own a ropes course. these are where you are up in the air about fifty feet, and doing various activities like a tightrope, climbing a giant rope ladder, and other crazy stuff like that. and yes, you are harnessed in. anyway, you have to work together to accomplish these things on this course, and help one another constantly. this is the part that brought us together as a team. the part that brought us closer is is next.
after the ropes course, we went back to our field to make preparations for the last part of our project.
later that night, we invited and brang all of the special needs kids that go to our school out to the baseball field. as a team, we had a barbeque, and made them a nice dinner, then sat and ate and talked with them. once dinner was over, we went onto the field, and began to play a massive game of wiffle ball. that is when you play baseball rules with a wiffle ball and bat, just on a tiny diamond. those kids were having an awesome time, and so were we. just to be working with those kids gave you an awesome feeling. everyone learned something from that, and as a team, we are much closer, and a better team because of it.

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